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Videos of Cryptocurrency topics

New ! Kaytek Director Mr Mahesh Khatri's Youtube playlist of videos on Cryptos as per the following topics. Each Youtube video description has a time wise stamp of the important points in the video. (7th December 2021).

Introduction to Cryptos (97 minutes)

India's proposed Crypto Currency Bill discussions (70 minutes)

Bitcoin Versus Gold (9 minutes)

Mumbai's Juhu Beach has the answer to Bitcoin security (5 minutes)

Can India ban Cryptos ? (5 minutes)

Proposed India strategy to embrace Cryptos (80 seconds).

New ! Developed a sample Ethereum smart contract prototype program to store retail purchases data received via SMS messages on an Ethereum test network. (3rd August 2021).

The Network Union. (20th May 2021).

Founding New Crypto Based Cities & Countries Versus Inheriting. (13th May 2021).

Blockchain Training Session

Participant's feedback on our training sessions below. (26th February 2021).

On 3rd January 2021 which was the 12th Bitcoin Mining anniversary, Kaytek Director Mahesh Khatri along with Mr Rehan Vakil & Mr Zeeshan Vakil, the founders of Canadian Galaxy Crypto Consulting Ltd conducted an online Zoom Training Session on Understanding Blockchains & Bitcoin. The session lasted for more than 2 & 1/2 hours and was attended by more than 35 people who shared positive feedback on the same. (4th January 2021).

Kaytek Director Mahesh Khatri recently conducted an online 2 Hour / 300+ slides Training Session on Blockchain Concepts & Potential for the sales, marketing & technical support team of a Global Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer. The session covered basics of Blockchain, its invention / intended use, its initial applications, advantages, disadvantages, use of blockchain within pharmaceutical & other industries & implementation of blockchain in the IT Systems of the machines with benefits if any. (27th June 2020).

Kindly contact us in case of more interest on the same.

Overview of Blockchain Experiences

Formulated strategy for phase wise usage of blockchain technologies for a proposed UAE based web marketplace.

Written Medium Article - Can Blockchain save Indian Banks ?

Highlighted risks to investors in dealing with various ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) considering their legal position in India.

Tracking Blockchain Technologies – Bitcoin / Ethereum & other private blockchains for the past few years.

Experimenting with Bitcoin API (Application Programming Interface) for Accounting applications.

Consulted & interacted with Bitcoin & blockchain stakeholders in India and abroad.

Suggestions provided to private Blockchain white paper.

Published Tweets on Blockchain / Bitcoin

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Updated on 7th December 2021.

Created on 1st July 2020.