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Kaytek Generic Software Knowledge

Independent Of Technology, Function, Business

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Business Consulting Perspective

Kaytek Generic Software Knowledge is a set of our proprietary knowledge practices & deliverables that assist in software development in a generic manner that is independent of technology and business functionality based on our software & services vision.

Down Arrow The Pain Areas

Most Information Technology Consulting and Software Services Companies face the challenge of delivering high quality software solutions and services to demanding customers against a backdrop of a high turnover of software professionals.

Like all software companies, we too face a problem of trying to attract and retain the best quality talent.

Another problem that we face is that fresh software engineers from a technical computing background do not have any significant application and functional domain knowledge.

Kaytek has combined a software process approach together with a repository based proprietary software application framework.

Kaytek Generic Software Knowledge extracted from Customer Specific Situations in different Functions, Technologies and Business Domains
Down Arrow The Possible Solution - A Software Application Framework along with an Integrated Knowledge Repository.

This project has the following objectives :

Gray Arrow The framework to be simple and to be able to store both technical and non-technical business knowledge.

Gray Arrow Based on a low-cost fast turnaround-time strategy.

Gray Arrow Since Kaytek is in the business of complete software project responsibility right from conception to commissioning , the framework also has to provide for all activities in the complete software development life-cycle - Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Support.

Gray Arrow The framework to ensure that software learnings are shared between projects for subsequent reuse.

Also, it has to assist in the educating software professionals across platforms, technologies and business domain knowledge.

Based on our software experience over the last couple of decades over various projects, we have internally created generic software ideas, inputs, interesting insights, frameworks, templates and development steps that are independent of

Gray Arrow Software Tools & Technologies Instances (whether at the User Interface ( Character Based Screens, WINDOWS GUI, Browser Interfaces & Mobile Devices UI ) , Middleware or Storage Layers)

Gray Arrow Business Domain (Independent of different Horizontal Functionality Areas - e.g. such as Accounting, Project Management, etc.)

Gray Arrow Industry Vertical (Independent of Specialized Product / Service / Geography Specific Organization Types - e.g. Manufacturing,Services,etc.)

Gray Arrow Every software professional wants to ensure that his technology and business knowledge does not get obsolete with fast changing developments in the global software industry.

Our generic knowledge helps individual experienced software professionals in the following manner :

Gray Arrow Map a person's current specific software & business knowledge into our generic framework.

Gray Arrow Aid in transitioning a person's knowledge process from current specific technology instances to future generic knowledge learnings.

Gray Arrow Help switch between different technologies in projects across different domains.

Down Arrow Some More Thoughts on Generic Software Perspectives

Gray Arrow Software Layers & their fit within the IT Computing Box Square Separator 3 Software SUX L's - SQL, UML and XML Square Separator The 3 T's of a System

Down Arrow Kaytek Generic Software Knowledge has helped business & software professionals by Reducing the Complexity Of Software Understanding by

Gray Arrow Mapping Complex software knowledge artifacts to Simple Visuals of everyday objects.

Gray Arrow Easy to Remember Acronyms in Catchy English Sentences that aide memory retention and recall.

Gray Arrow Easing of Software Development Complexity by Understanding Generic Software Patterns in the Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing & Maintenance Phases of Software Construction.

Gray Arrow Provide Easy To Understand & Remember Short-Cuts of Common Business Scenarios.

Gray Arrow There are a large number of non-Information Technology experienced persons with bright aptitude wanting to enter the IT field.

This helps us train these experienced professionals so that they can be immediately productive for the organization.

Gray Arrow Email us for more details on the above.

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