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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

" My Software Requirements Are Varied.

Can You Handle The Same ? "

Kaytek Software Projects Overview & Perspectives

Kaytek Software Project Information

The Software Services market has become completely global in design & conceptualization.

It is yet local in delivery.

You as a customer want local pricing and local support.

You want customisation.

Yet, you want your solutions to be globally scaleable and have the best architectural practices.

Kaytek as an organization strives to evolve with the changing landscape.

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Gray Arrow Our Project Methodology.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Custom Software Projects List - Industry / Business Segment-Wise.

Gray Arrow Matrix Of Software Project Technology Areas based on User Interface Types and IT Infrastructure Types.

Gray Arrow Our Software Project's Strategic Objectives.

Down Arrow Software Project Management Perspectives

In the light of dynamically changing business requirements and the high attrition of IT /software manpower in specialized technology areas, most software project managers strive to maximise control of project technology and commercial outcomes within the agreed milestones.

Down Arrow Software Project Risk Management

Gray Arrow How to Minimize Software Project Risks ?

Down Arrow Software Project's Pervasive Problematic Percentages. A (:-) Look.

Gray Arrow Did these Percentages come true for your software project ?

Down Arrow ROI (Return on Investment) on IT & Software Projects

Kaytek always strongly recommends that every IT & Software project must have a ROI (Return on Investment) workings done internally for it before making any investments in the same.

This article provides an overview of our suggested approach for ROI Calculations.

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Square Separator IT Technologies from USA

Square Separator Requirements from Europe


Square Separator Software Skills from India

Square Separator Solutions for the High Growth Asia-Pacific Region.

3 Part Article describing the challenges, lessons and learnings from a Kaytek Offshore Project for an European MNC Customer.

Gray Arrow Our separate Offshoring Section.

Down Arrow The China Challenge

Gray Arrow Weblog - Why the Indian Software Industry should teach Project Management Skills...

Gray Arrow Is Technical Knowledge a must for software project managers ? ?

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