Death of an MBA ?

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The last few years have witnessed a surge in MBA (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) Education all over the world.

Most students considering a career in organizations perceive MBA qualifications as being extremely critical for success in corporate careers.

However, there are many reasons as to why a Plain Vanilla MBA Education in its present shape and form may be obsolete in the near future.

Businesses are changing.

Organizations are changing.

Management Thinking is changing.

Will MBA's be still relevant in the 21st Century Workplace ?

Some of these dynamics that are causing the shift away from MBA's are :

Point-1 - Value For Money ERP Solutions and Intelligent Knowledge Repositories.

Point-2 - Team Work Versus Individual Brilliance.

Point-3 - Preference for Consulting Over 'Dirty' Hands-on Operational Work.

Key-Question - Is the (Plain Vanilla) MBA program dead ?

Find Out - What do Business Thought Leaders Think ?

MBA Programs have their limitations. They set unrealistic expectations both in the minds of their students & industry recruiters. Future MBA programs have to consider the harsh reality of a globalized 24 x 7 flat connected world.

The author is an MBA Finance 1st Ranker from One of Asia's Consistently Top 25 Business Schools. He has nothing personally against any MBA, but wishes that they were more humble and honest team players. His views are personal and may not be reflective of his organisation.

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Last updated on 12th December 2023.

Created on 19th February 2004.