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The New Organization...

Surely, Something Has Changed...

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Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Management Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow What has Your Organization become after the Internet Impact ?

The Internet with 24 X 7 Global Electronic Geography Independent Accessibility, Real-Time Messaging along with Online Social & Professional Networks has drastically reshaped organizations.

If Transparent Organizations mirrored on the principle of 'Where Everyone Knows What's Happening Here' are the future, then what happens to Information & Knowledge Arbitrage as a lever for organizational political power ?

Down Arrow Is your Organization a small sapling ?

Organization as a small sapling

Regardless of whether you are a one person "Micro Multinational" operating globally or a True Giant Conglomerate present in all geographies, the Internet has changed your organization.

All Organizations irrespective whether a baby sapling, a small plant or a large tree need fresh thoughts for graceful growth.

Down Arrow Do you know of The New Organizational Assets ?

Gray Arrow Intangible Assets...

Gray Arrow The ONION-NET Technology Layers...

Gray Arrow Organizational Knowledge with Technology As The Foundation.

Gray Arrow Email Us : Can we assist your New Organization Vision ?

Down Arrow What shape has your organization taken after the internet ?

Management Thinking & Research is attempting to understand the shape of successful forward looking organizations in the 21st Century and beyond.

Organizations that survive and thrive in a flat world. What has your organization transformed itself into ?

Gray Arrow Is it an AMOEBA ?

Gray Arrow Or An Arrow ?

Gray Arrow A Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses Real-Time Relay Organization ?

Gray Arrow Organization As A Table ?

Gray Arrow A Real Time Corporation ?

Gray Arrow An Educational Institution - a School in Business ?

Gray Arrow A 21st Century Cyber-Office ?

Gray Arrow A Leaky Boat in a Stormy Sea ?

Gray Arrow Is your Company Safe ?

Down Arrow Is your Organization a bigger plant ?

Organization as a bigger plant

Down Arrow Where is your Organization On ...

Gray Arrow The Net Enabled IT Ocean ?

Gray Arrow The Smiling Curve ?

Gray Arrow The Gigantic Internet Pipe across the Globe... ?

Down Arrow Organizational Perspectives

Square Separator People Square Separator Process Square Separator Outsourcing Square Separator Strategy Square Separator

Down Arrow Is your Organization a large tree ?

Organization as a large mature tree

Down Arrow Nurturing Your Organization Via An Intelligent Design & Structure

Organizations of all sizes and shapes (whether a small plant or a large tree) have to be nurtured with great care in today's volatile ever changing business environment.

Traditional Organizational sources of value are disappearing fast. New Sources of Value-Add are fast appearing.

Vertical Command & Control Hierarchial Structures are giving way to Horizontal Share & Care Mutually Bound Human Capital Networks.

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