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Down Arrow Revisiting History !

Key Observations from TIE CON 2000 Conference
- October 30th and 31st 2000
- Hotel Regent, Mumbai
Organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) Mumbai
featuring talks by Successful Angel Investors, Venture
Capitalists, Entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley and India.


Kaytek's Information Technology (IT) - Kit

Indian IT Community - News and Views

Key Observations from TIE CON 2000 Conference
- October 30th and 31st 2000
- Hotel Regent, Mumbai
Organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) Mumbai featuring
talks by Successful Angel Investors,Venture Capitalists,
Entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley/India.

Please note that the URL's of the companies below have not been checked by us at the time of posting this page. Hence, not been published.

All speakers were unanimous that pure Dot Com companies without sound business models are dead. Many of the Dot Com companies were trying to reposition themselves as ASP (Application Service Provider) enterprises. There would be many Mergers,Closing Down,Deaths and Disappearance of the Dot Coms as they existed today. This was a necessary market correction mechanism. Very few would get future venture capital funding.

Down Arrow Speaker-wise Points

Gray Arrow Mr. Pavan Nigam Square Separator Mr. Jnan Dash Square Separator Mr. Dewang Mehta Square Separator Mr. Ramesh Venkatraman Square Separator Mr. Sudhir Sethi Square Separator Mr. Abhay Havaldar Square Separator Mr. Neeraj Roy Square Separator Mr. Vishnu Varshney Square Separator Mr. Ashank Desai Square Separator Mr. Roy Prasad Square Separator Mr. Prakash Bhalerao Square Separator Mr. Prashant Parekh Square Separator Mr. Rajesh Jain Square Separator Mr. Ashish Dhawan Square Separator

Gray Arrow Most of the Silicon valley speakers felt that the Internet wealth creation era was just starting. The current period is the 'End of the Beginning' as per Mr. Pavan Nigam, co-Founder of Healtheon, a US Multi-Billion $ Health Care B2B Organisation. He spoke of the current scenario as ' The Revenge of the NOT Coms' or the 'Death of the Powerpoint IPO'.


Gray Arrow Mr. Jnan Dash from Oracle, mentioned that the biggest challenges that US organisations are facing is with respect to integrating company web sites with back-end legacy systems effectively. He mentioned about The "LipStick on a Pig" Scenario. The Lipstick referring to an Organisation's web site and Pig referring to Ugly and messy Back-End Systems running in enterprises.

He gave the example of an organisation he knew of which had a Web-based ordering system at the front end but at the back end, there were 50 people who would take a printout of the web orders entered and fax the same to different suppliers, manufacturers and factories.

It is not known as to whether the above example was correct, but it is illustrative of the situation in many organisations today. Mr. Dash spoke about the various challenges and opportunities that existed in integrating the different back-end legacy applications of US organisations today with their Web sites.


Gray Arrow (The Late) Mr. Dewang Mehta of NASSCOM, spoke very strongly against the ban on Internet Telephony - Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) and mentioned that India was the only country in the world with this restriction which was holding back wide spread Internet usage. He was also apprehensive of the widespread powers given to Police Authorities under Information Technology (IT) Act which has become law in India from 18th October 2000.


Gray Arrow Mr. Ramesh Venkatraman, Partner, Mckinsey & Company, spoke about the Four Tangible Key Sources of Wealth in the New Economy. These were Intellectual Property (IP),Brands, Teams and Networks (Customers and Suppliers).


Gray Arrow Mr. Sudhir Sethi, Venture Capitalist, Walden Nikko International, spoke about E-Commerce in India picking up momentum in 2003 only when widespread Internet usage would be possible due to a combination of a critical mass caused due to 100 Million TV Owning Households, 40 Million Cable Connections, 45 Million Phone Lines, 25 Million Internet users and 10 Million Cellphone users.

According to him, only those B2B web sites would be successful where India had a national competitive edge - eg. Tea, Agricultural products, commodities.He spoke of other promising areas being Broadband, Wireless, Cable Internet, Content, Indian Languages, Knowledge Infrastructure, ASP,etc.


Gray Arrow Mr. Abhay Havaldar, Venture Capitalist, Connect Capital Holdings spoke about attributes and challenges faced by successful enterpreneurs. He mentioned the following as important - Credible Forecasting,Cash Management, Customer Benefits, Quality Recruiting, Balanced Teams, Stress Management,Flexibility as the key areas to be worked on by enterpreneurs.


Gray Arrow Mr. Neeraj Roy, Founder, Hungama.com gave useful pointers on low cost effective strategies on how to build a brand on the Net. He said that the first challenge was to make users open a Browser since for most people today, Internet meant only Email. He advised companies to keep a sharp eye on Web site content and monitor Promise Vs Delivery.


Gray Arrow Mr. Vishnu Varshney, Managing Director of Gujarat Venture Finance Limited, spoke about the problems faced by them in assessing promoters integrity and due diligence exercises. He also mentioned that the list of Venture Capitalists in India was available on the web site of his company .


Gray Arrow Mr. Ashank Desai, Chairman, MD of MASTEK, candidly spoke about the challenges faced by them in their early days. He mentioned that one of the main reasons of their success was that the entire Top management Team had been together from last 18 years.

He spoke about how his entire top team jointly evolved their organisation's mission,vision and values. He emphasised on Reward Sharing, Fairness, alignment of organisational and personal growth,training and career planning, removal of insecurity of employees as key Top Management issues to tackle.


Gray Arrow Mr. Roy Prasad, Venture Capitalist and co-Founder Decide.com said that Business is not just a vending machine. People are needed to help get orders and close business. Brick and Mortar Retailers can be partners to Dot Com companies.

He focussed on the 2 - 3 Trillion $ Opportunity in the US market for using the Net to improve Organisation's productivity, enable faster turnaround and offer better service to customers and suppliers.


Gray Arrow Mr. Prakash Bhalerao, Successful Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and Founder of more than 40 companies spoke of his expectations from Enterpreneurs. He spoke of an Enterpreneur being able to rapidly, successfully Create Direction out of Confusion in the marketplace.


Gray Arrow Mr. Prashant Parekh, CEO Zeneb Inc highilghted Wireless Internet as being a key technology for winning Enterprise Battles in the future. He spoke of a Billion Cell Phone users, 83 Billion $ Revenue from Global Wireless E-Commerce Services in 2003.


Gray Arrow Mr. Rajesh Jain, Founder Indiaworld, (Part of Satyam Infoway) spoke of creating indigenous Internet based applications to solve basic needs of Indian people. He visualised the creation of a Base of 100 Million Internet Users within the next 3 years. He spoke of the means to tackle 4 main issues Net Access,Network, Payment and Applications.


Gray Arrow Mr. Ashish Dhawan, Venture Capitalist, Chrysalis Ventures emphasised Building a Strong Business and managing Cash prudently for the next 3 years.


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