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New ! Gray Arrow Mr Mahesh Khatri was the Udacity SUSE Scholarship Challenge Finalist in August 2021. (20th October 2021).

Down Arrow Blockchain & Bitcoin section. (1st July 2020)

Gray Arrow New ! Ethereum smart contract prototype program to store retail purchases data received via SMS messages on an Ethereum test network. (3rd August 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! The Network Union - a social graph organized in a tree-like structure with a leader, a purpose, a crypto-based financial and messaging system, and a daily call-to-action. (20th May 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! Founding New Crypto Based Cities & Countries Versus Inheriting. (13th May 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! 140 seconds Youtube Video - India's Crypto Chai - India's strategy to adopt to embrace Crypto Currencies on top of Indiastack. (1st May 2021).

Gray Arrow Participant's Feedback (26th February 2021). Square Separator Training Session on "Understanding Blockchains & Bitcoin". (4th January 2021).

Gray Arrow Can Blockchain save Indian banks ? (1st October 2019)

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Gray Arrow New ! Mr. Mahesh Khatri appointed as a convener member of SPJIMR (SP Jain Institute of Management & Research) Alumni Mumbai City Council for the academic year 2021 - 22. (20th October 2021). Square Separator Earlier, appointed as a member of SPJIMR Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) . (3rd August 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! Feedback from a Mumbai Organized Retail Consultant in our Mentoring section. (12th June 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! On Akshaya Tritiya, can India's grow post Covid-19 ? - Medium Article Startup is a living verb, not a has-been adjective in our Mentoring section. (14th May 2021).

Gray Arrow Can Indian automobile dealers India survive Covid-19 ? ? (1st June 2020)

Gray Arrow Azim Premji - A Legendary Indian Industrialist Retires Today. (1st August 2019)

Gray Arrow Covid-19 - Kaytek Founder Director Mr Mahesh Khatri was a mentor to various startup entrepreneurs who were developing solutions in different verticals & domains for Code19 - a hackathon against Covid-19. Also, a Covid-19 Doctor's Whatsapp group has been organized for sharing of contemporary best healthcare practices to fight Corona Virus / Covid-19 with practical experiences of top doctors globally. (3rd May 2020).

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Gray Arrow New ! Mr Mahesh Khatri completed Udacity AWS Machine Learning (ML) Foundations Course. (11th October 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! Developed a bot as per US CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) flowchart for HCW (Healthcare Workers) for Covid-19. (3rd August 2021).

Gray Arrow New ! Mr Mahesh Khatri completed Udacity Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree. (20th April 2021) Square Separator Selected for Udacity Microsoft Machine Learning Scholarship for Microsoft Azure 2020. (4th November 2020) Square Separator Machine Learning Foundation Course Scholarship. (14th July 2020).

Gray Arrow Training session on Basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Usage of AI for Oil & Gas Industry vertical. (4th January 2021).

Gray Arrow Entity Embeddings has moved to a new section. (16th January 2020)

Gray Arrow Winning AI Strategies - MIT Sloan Management Review Twitter Chat Interactions. (26th December 2019)

Gray Arrow India at # 2 position on Stanford Global AI Vibrancy Index study. (18th December 2019)

Gray Arrow Baby steps on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey. (31st October 2019)

Gray Arrow MIT Sloan Management Review Twitter Chat Interactions - Implementing Artificial Intelligence. (3rd September 2019)

Gray Arrow Mr Mahesh Khatri's 6th June 2019 Presentation on Entity Embeddings at Deep Learning NYC Meetup in New York, USA. (10th June 2019)

Gray Arrow One of the industries where AI is poised to have a huge impact in the future is the retail sector. Perhaps not only a negative impact due to perceived job losses caused by AI based automation, but also a positive impact caused by higher productivity. Can Retailers learn fast ? - The Mystery Of The Misplaced Shoe...Can AI Help ? (31st May 2019)

Gray Arrow CHAAI Se Charcha - An appraisal discussion between a fictitious human worker and an organization's CHAAI (CHief Appraisal AI Officer) - Can I get a rAIse ?. (30th January 2019)

Gray Arrow Web Strategy - Consulting services for preparation of technical inputs, cost estimate, project delivery timeline for a Dubai E Commerce - Sales & Service, On Demand Marketplace, E Commerce - Training & Jewellery Knowledge Marketplace.   (3rd May 2020).

Gray Arrow DLP Solutions & Strategy - Consulting services for a global organization for selection of DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions for their global IT infrastructure.   (3rd May 2020).

Gray Arrow Our Internet / Web Consulting section main page updated. (10th February 2020)

Gray Arrow Google My Business Website (Beta) (22nd May 2019)

Gray Arrow Medium Article Automation Helps Ease Regulatory Compliance in our Tax section. (7th May 2019)

Gray Arrow Brand Valuation Methodology in our Branding section. (30th April 2019)

Gray Arrow On the occasion of Holi festival in India in 2019, Medium Article A Riot of Colors - Revisited based on our earlier article. (28th March 2019)

Gray Arrow Cyber Security - Cyber Safety tips for your protection on our Cyber Security page. (6th March 2019)

Gray Arrow Human Capital - Questions to ask while preparing Employee KPI on our People page. (28th February 2019)

Gray Arrow Investments - Angel Investing Square Separator Impact of ILFS on PPF, etc Square Separator 2019 Stock Market Behaviour Metrics on our Investment page. (22nd February 2019)

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