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" Which SAP to Select ? " Help me understand.

SAP Product Suites - A Brief Overview

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Down Arrow Business Complexity Challenges

Just like a plant, a System needs to be nurtured and enhanced continously. In nature, just as saplings, plants and trees have different needs; similarly, business requirements and complexities differ across large, medium and small organizations.

Complexity is present in these organizations at different levels and maybe at different scales.

However, the challenges are universal, whether small or large, whether evolved or evolving organizations.

Only the scale of operations are different. And even scales can be tackled, given a good modular software design and and inbuilt framework for growth.

Down Arrow Which SAP to choose ?

SAP is wrongly thought of only as a single ERP product SAP R/3 company.

Currently, around R/3 and beyond it, SAP has different Software Suites aimed at different market segments.

Gray Arrow Large Corporate Enterprises - mySAP Business Suite (BS)

Gray Arrow Mid-Sized Companies (mySAP ERP)

Gray Arrow Some SAP Software Modules.

Down Arrow Vertical Industry Segments

Gray Arrow mySAP AIO (All In One)

Gray Arrow SAP-IS Industry-Specific

Gray Arrow Small Business Organizations

One of SAP's main challenges is how to simply the software feature set adoption for the large non Enterprise segment while retaining it's core technology and integration components intact.

Across the many industry verticals, horizontal functions and different geographies that it operates globally. A difficult, but a do-able job.

Gray Arrow Complete SAP Product Information for all the above market types, mySAP ALL-In-One, Industry-Specific (IS), Cross-Industry Functional Components and Vertical Segments is Tabulated here.

Gray Arrow For the Mid-Market segment, SAP has launched New On Demand Software Solution called Business ByDesign. It is an On demand Hosted ERP Software Solution with several innovative pricing and implementation features.

Also, ASAP stands for Accelerated SAP, SAP's suggested methodology for accelerated implementation.

It has got nothing to do with the SAP Product or their Naming Conventions.

Warning : SAP Terminology can be confusing at times, probably is due to the fact that SAP's marketing communications thought process first originates in German and then translates to English at a second stage.

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