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New ! Gray Arrow Artificial Intelligence helping all phases of software development - Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation & Maintenance.

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Hack Singapore June 2022 Low Code No Code Public Choice Award Mahesh Khatri

Gray Arrow Thanks to the support received from the community, Kaytek Director Mr Mahesh Khatri won the Public Choice Award at amongst all the 550 plus participants across all the 3 categories of 'The Era of Blockchain & Trust', 'The Future Of Gaming' and 'The Rise Of Low Code / No Code' at Hack Singapore 2022. He was also ranked in the top 3 in 'The Rise of No Code / Low Code' category out of 45 plus teams for his Volunteering Task Management System project for a well known Singapore charity - The Food Bank Singapore Ltd. (12th June 2022).

Down Arrow Cloud Native Development

Down Arrow Udacity SUSE Scholarship Challenge Finalist 2021

Gray Arrow Mr Mahesh Khatri completed the Cloud Native Foundations Course of the SUSE Scholarship program 2021 as a Udacity SUSE Scholarship Challenge Finalist in August 2021.

Udacity SUSE Scholarship Challenge Finalist 2021

Down Arrow Software Architecture Services

Gray Arrow Proposed Responsive web solution & SAP,Drupal & Alfresco based technology architecture for an university.

Gray Arrow Provided consulting to a food delivery startup in Mumbai on their software architecture and design strategy.

Gray Arrow Suggested a 3 Tier Internet presence for an integrated real estate / hospitality / financial services organization.

Gray Arrow Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 Top Architect Contest - Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri once again selected as One Of Top Software Architects in India. Problem domain was E-learning for basic literacy in India via 3 screens (PC, TV & Mobile) based on Mr. Nandan Nilekani's Unique Identity Project.

Gray Arrow Microsoft Tech Ed 2009 Top Software Architect Contest - Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri was the 1st runner-up. The solution involved Microsoft's Cloud Computing - Windows Azure OS & Services Platform.

Gray Arrow Importance Of Enterprise Architecture.

Gray Arrow Article by Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri on ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library published on Microsoft MSDN. And by IASA - International Association of Software Architects, USA.

Down Arrow Internet / Web Based / E-Commerce Design / Mobile / Cloud Development

Gray Arrow Portal positioning strategy for vocational Indian Technical Institute (ITI) students recruitment in Maharashtra.

Gray Arrow Evaluated MVAT (Maharashtra Government Value Added Tax) website for improvements and missing resources on behalf of IT industry association ASIRT (Association of System Integrators, Retailers and Technologists).

Gray Arrow Provided strategic consultancy & website services to an ethnic heritage furniture retailer in Mumbai.

Gray Arrow Worked with NGO's (Non Government Organizations) and other civic organizations to help improve Mumbai?s urban infrastructure. Set up a web presence for various NGO's civic protest for underground Mumbai Metro.

Gray Arrow Developed a web presence for a school reunion utilizing Google Apps & Angularjs.

Gray Arrow Completed a prototype web project for a NY, US based jewellery retailer using Angularjs & Google Firebase.

Gray Arrow Created an e-commerce web store integrating product, orders & payment gateway using the Shopify platform.

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Gray Arrow Google Android Mobile Platform - Developing A Personal Information Management Software based on Entity Attributes Values (EAV) Data Model.

Gray Arrow Provided feedback to an international airline on their mobile website limitations as per customer expectations.

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Gray Arrow Kaytek Custom Software Projects List - Industry / Business Segment-Wise.

Gray Arrow Matrix Of Software Project Technology Areas based on User Interface Types and IT Infrastructure Types.

Down Arrow Open Source Software Experiences in different domains, technologies & verticals

Gray Arrow Analysis of Whatsapp text messages & other text documents using AI cloud based natural language processing (NLP) services.

Gray Arrow Development of IT projects in different functional areas - accounting, customer service, IT assets, data security etc. using on premise (python, Django, MS-Excel) and cloud (MS Office 365, Google Apps) technologies. Evaluation and feedback on website and monitor cloud infrastructure services.

Gray Arrow Development of intranet for key business data using Django, mySQL, python, Angularjs & MS-Excel.

Gray Arrow Interacted with mutual funds website with direct automatic download of daily mutual fund rates for both self / other investors.

Gray Arrow Customer and Supplier Web Interfaces for Accounting Reporting & Reconciliation via Extranet.

Gray Arrow For marrow donor registry laboratory, designed & implemented an integrated web inventory, donor data and test recording systems using Django, mySQL & python for uploads to the global BMDW donor database.

Gray Arrow Automatic interface of downloaded PNB, ICICI, BOI banking transactions data into accounting software.

Gray Arrow Scraping Of Organized Retail competitive websites & Database creation of brands, item (SKU - Stock Keeping Unit) categories, SKU's prices, stock levels etc at multiple hierarchy levels as per Global Retail Technology Standards.

Gray Arrow Building an IT Assets (Hardware & Software) Database as per open, e-business process standards aligned with global trading networks, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library in UK) & CMDBF - Configuration of Management Databases Federation Working Group.

Gray Arrow Python Programming Services - for Text Files processing, XML document creation / processing for Accounting Data & Income Tax Returns.

Gray Arrow Study Of Open Source Technologies Used By Global Industry Leaders in Verticals like Financial Services & Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical & (CRO) Clinical Research Organizations.

Gray Arrow Ruby On Rails Based Intranet Accounting Applications.

Gray Arrow WAMP - (Windows, Apache, mySQL , PHP ) Software Stack Based Server Installation.

Down Arrow Stock Market Share Price Analytics using Adobe Flex based on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) / NSE (National Stock Exchange) Data.

Down Arrow Other Software Services

Gray Arrow IT Infrastructure Overview planning & design for Audio / Video Streaming for a large Religious organization.

Gray Arrow Technical Software Mediation Services between Your Organization & External Vendors.

Gray Arrow Data Conversion Services - From Spreadsheets (MS-Excel) data formats to Xbase (Clipper, dBase, Foxpro) formats. Creation of Web Based Databases from Spreadsheets. Also Storage Media Conversion Services From Older Drives to Newer Media.

Gray Arrow Payroll Process Outsourcing - Advisory Services for a Mega Rail Transportation Utility.

Gray Arrow Legacy Systems Re-Activation for a Kaytek developed (16 years old) software project.

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Gray Arrow Evaluate Our Information Systems Perspectives.

Gray Arrow Climb The Systems Staircase within the Organization.

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Gray Arrow How to minimise problems regarding hiring and retention of software talent ?

Gray Arrow An Indian Software Company to overtake Microsoft by 2020 ?

Gray Arrow Alternative Energy should be open-sourced !

Gray Arrow SAAS ( Software as a Service ) for 1/3rd of all of us ?

Gray Arrow Invested in A Software Company ? - Do you know where your money is going ? Jack-N-Jill.