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Customer Sales Ordering & Invoicing System

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Business / IT Services

Down Arrow Internet Web Based Customer Ordering & Invoicing System

Kaytek has created an Internet Web Based Customer Sales Ordering & Invoicing System (Currently Beta) on the ORACLE RDBMS platform.

This is similar to the Purchase Ordering & Invoicing System with enhancements.

Down Arrow Software Modules

The current software demonstration version has the following modules :

Down Arrow Masters

Gray Arrow Customer Information
Gray Arrow Currency Information
Gray Arrow Part Information

Down Arrow Transactions

Gray Arrow Customer Sales Orders
Gray Arrow Customer Purchase Invoices
Gray Arrow Sales Orders & Invoices Matching
Gray Arrow Create Sales Invoices from Orders

Down Arrow Queries

Gray Arrow Customer Order Status - Parts Wise - All
Gray Arrow Customer Order Status - Parts Wise - Not / Partly / Fully Closed

Gray Arrow Customer Order Status - Customer Wise - All
Gray Arrow Customer Order Status - Customer Wise - Not / Partly / Fully Closed

Down Arrow Queries - Orders & Invoices

Gray Arrow Customer Orders Matched Against Invoices

Down Arrow Proposed Transaction / Workflow

The Proposed Transaction Flow that is visualized in the usage of the above software is as follows :

Down Arrow Masters

Gray Arrow Customer Information - Create Customer Code & Name

Gray Arrow Currency Information - Create Currency Code & Name

Gray Arrow Part Information - Create Part Code, Part Name & Part Specifications

Down Arrow Transactions - Sales Orders

Gray Arrow Create Customer Sales Order for A Customer for Some Parts

Gray Arrow View 'Not Closed' Part Status & 'Not Closed' Order Status

Gray Arrow View Parts - Part Value & Pending Value

Gray Arrow View Sales Orders - Total Value & Pending Value

Gray Arrow View Queries pertaining to above Sales Order

Down Arrow Transactions - Sales Invoices

Gray Arrow Facility to create Sales Invoice by selecting Pending Customer Orders and their pending parts.

This avoids duplicate data entry at the invoice document creation stage.

This facility works as follows :

Gray Arrow The system displays the list of pending Customer Orders - Customer Name, Currency, Total Order Value, Pending Value & Number of Pending Orders.

Gray Arrow The user selects the Customer & the Currency.

Gray Arrow For the selected Customer & Currency, the system displays the pending part details - Part Code, Delivery Date, Order Number, Order Date, Unit Price, Order Unit, Ordered Quantity, Ordered Part Value, Order Delivered Quantity, Pending Order Quantity & Pending Part Value.

The user has to choose the parts for creating the invoice.

Gray Arrow The parts chosen by the user for creating the invoice above appear on the screen in a separate area.

The user can then either remove the parts selected or cancel the entire selection process or create the new invoice.

Gray Arrow Once the user chooses to create the invoice, the system checks for invoice data correctness.

If OK, the invoice record for the customer & selected parts data is automatically created in the database.

This newly created invoice can then be opened in the customer invoices module and viewed and finalised appropriately.

Gray Arrow Query - Customer Orders Matched Against Invoices

Down Arrow Software Features

Gray Arrow Developed using ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS (APEX) Web Development Tool with a rich Browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a strong secure data storage foundation of ORACLE RDBMS Software.

Gray Arrow Simple Logical Solution to easily move to the next stage beyond spreadsheet based Ordering & Invoicing for multiple users in multiple locations.

Gray Arrow Both Intranet (Internally Hosted) and Internet (Externally Hosted) Options are possible.

Gray Arrow Multiple Customer Sales Orders can be linked to Multiple Customer Invoices.

Gray Arrow Flexible Hosting & Deployment Cost Options available.

Gray Arrow Scalable Solution for Long Term Global Requirements.

Gray Arrow Customized Business & Technical Support Options Available.

Gray Arrow Email us for a demonstration of the above software.

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