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Thoughts on Micro Finance in India

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Down Arrow Microfinance in India - In this section, we analyse and provide critical insights on microfinance ventures in India.

Gray Arrow Viewpoint - Micro Education Initiatives More Important Than Microfinance ( 6th January 2009)

It has been our belief that microfinance initiatives though necessary are not sufficient to help reduce poverty levels in developing coountries.

Financial Interventions via Microfinance are obviously welcome. However, they may not be able to provide structural breakthroughs in increasing income levels.

Micro Education - Relevant, Practical Training Programmes to increase skills can be a force multiplier in retooling of the unskilled and semi-skilled workforce in relevant areas of the economy.

Down Arrow Mobile Device Based Knowledge Repositories ( 31st October 2008)

Microfinance Institutions (MFI's) have objectives of financial assistance & skills building of their target clients in the developing economies.

Most MFI's have only currently focused on the first part of providing financial loans.

Many of them do not find it easy to build scalable models for skills enhancements as it necessitates specialized domain knowledge creation & usage of Tools for sharing of best practices across varied sectors.

However, the long term rewards of skills enhancement will help MFI's position themselves differently in the eyes of their clients as well as build a strong foundation for increasing their client's financial earning capabilities.

With the advent of low cost Mobile Devices (such as Phones) that we are witnessing currently, millions of MFI Clients have bypassed using of Personal Computers (PC's) for information functionality & work directly with such devices / phones.

Also, Internet Access is proliferating rapidly across the globe.

Phones & Devices that are always with a Person can become active participants in the Real World Knowledge Gathering and Creation process rather than being passive observers or recipients only.

In a 21st Century Knowledge Economy where Skilled Human Capital Resources are the Key, Building Personal & Professional Skills Electronic Knowledge Repositories on such Mobile Devices can help MFI's address the multiple challenges of financial growth and skills enhancements on a large scale.

MFI's have some natural organizational structure advantages such as the recognition of the power of small focused, self-responsible, easily managed teams (the Self Help Groups - SHG's & Solidarity Groups as per Grameen Model) that can help in creating focused shared knowledge repositories.

There is a saying that when an old man in an African village dies, the entire library of the community disappears.

MFI's can create innovative organizational structures that can leverage these mobile devices for automated information gathering,knowledge creation & sharing across their widely dispersed base of clients.

Knowledge repositories using standardized data storage structures at the mobile devices / phones level that can aid in efficient data transfer and collation either across other devices or other systems using the Internet would help tremendously.

The Internet can potentially play a powerful role in transforming people's lives in developing economies - especially those sectors that are addressed by MFI's. This transformation can be brought about by useful skill knowledge enhancements on a daily basis using personal devices & the Internet.

The goal of eradicating poverty needs both financial assistance (as primarily provided by the MFI's) as well as sustainable skill enhancements via formal and informal educational interventions.

The latter part can be achieved via user content and knowledge sharing across MFI communities on strong shareable Net enabled Mobile based software knowledge repositories. Implementing these solutions would also help improve the performance metrics of most MFI's as well as economies of scale.

Gray Arrow Some thoughts and suggestions for Microfinance Entrepreneurs.

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