On this page, we analyse and provide critical inputs on some of the stock market, real estate, mutual funds, microfinance ventures, private equity, venture capital investments, schemes and instruments in India.

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Gray Arrow New ! Article - Angel Investing - Success or Failure ? Devil is in the (depressing) details. (21st February 2019 )

Down Arrow New ! Impact of ILFS on EPF / PPF / NPS / NSC (23rd January 2019 )

Gray Arrow Question : After the ILFS debacle, how safe are my PPF / NPS / EPF / NSC investments ? Should I withdraw or continue to invest ?

Gray Arrow Answer : There have been newspaper reports that PPF / EPF / NPS monies may no longer be safe. The government will not allow any further damage to happen before the 2019 elections. If you want to play safe, you can withdraw whatever you want in this financial year upto March 2019 and also withdraw more depending on your situation in the next financial year starting from 1st April 2019. PPF is one of the best investment options for tax savings under Income Tax Section 80C. The suggestion would be to continue investing and not panic unncessarily. The government cannot afford to let PPF sink as it will impact the entire investment fabric of India.

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Down Arrow New ! Metrics to gauge 2019 stock market behaviour (23rd January 2019 )

Gray Arrow Question : In 2019, are NIFTY macros sufficient to estimate the share market performance ? Is PB (Price To Book) a good metric today ?

Gray Arrow Answer : In today's VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) driven world, it is very difficult to judge the market health based on any metrics given at a Nifty macro level. Every stock has to be a micro driven story. Also, the PB metric mentioned by many stock market analysts has very limited meaning in today's virtual world where physical business assets may not have the same impact as earlier times.

Gray Arrow Analysis of a Stock Market Portfolio Management Scheme (PMS).

Down Arrow Are You A Shareholder of a Software Company ? Do you know where your money is going ? ...Jack-N-Jill ?

Down Arrow The Power of Compounding By Richard Russell (7th February 2011 )

Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters Inc wrote a famous article titled "Rich Man, Poor Man" on the Power Of Compounding of Regular Savings early on in life. There are 2 investors - 'A' & 'B'. Investor 'A' starts investing at the age of 26 and saves Rs 20,000 annually for the next 40 years. Hence, till the age of 65, he has invested a total of Rs 8,00,000 (0.8 Million). His investments are assumed to earn 10% per annum. Investor 'B' starts investing early at the age of 19 and saves Rs 20,000 annually for the next 7 years only. Hence, till the age of 25, he has invested a total of Rs 1,40,000 (0.14 Million). He stops investing thereafter. His investments are also assumed to earn 10% per annum.

When both 'A' and 'B' meet after 65 years, 'A' has earned Rs 9.7 Million - 12 Times on his investments of 0.8 Million. However, 'B' has earned Rs 9.4 Million - 67 Times on his investments of 0.14 Million even though he invested only for 7 years but started earlier than 'A'.

Gray Arrow How to Raise Incomes and Cut Expenses - Some tips.

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Gray Arrow Close Ended Mutual Funds - Best Performing / Top Close-Ended Mutual Funds based on Highest Returns in Financial Year 2012 - 2013.

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Gray Arrow Open Ended Mutual Funds Best Performing / Top Open-Ended Mutual Funds based on Highest Annual Returns in Financial Year 2012 - 2013 in different ( Balanced, ELSS, Floating Rate, Fund Of Funds, Gilt, Growth, Income, Liquid & Money Market) Categories.

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Gray Arrow Investor Query - Where To Invest Rs 2 lakhs for more than a year ? (6th March 2013 ).

For a period more than a year but less than 3 years, one can invest a lakh each in the following debt funds: IDFC Dynamic Bond Plan A Growth & SBI Dynamic Bond Growth . Kindly invest using the Growth Option due to increased dividend distribution tax on debt mutual funds in the last budget. Also, to avoid Income Tax AIR (Annual Information Reporting), ensure that less than than two lakhs per annum is invested in any individual mutual fund.

Gray Arrow HDFC Debt Fund For Cancer Cure (2nd March 2011 )

HDFC Mutual Fund in association with Indian Cancer Society has launched a 3 year Capital Protection Oriented Debt Fund for cancer cure. This allows the investor to donate either 50% or 100% of the dividend income earned on the Fund to Indian Cancer Society to help needy cancer patients with their treatment.

Down Arrow Infrastructure Bonds Under Section 80 CCF (5th February 2011 )

Gray Arrow Investors Beware - Do not be misled by the High Returns being advertised in the brochures of these companies. In these times of uncertain share market movements, many investors are looking at fixed income instruments to protect their money and tax savings. IDFC has just launched their new Infrastructure Bonds where under Income Tax Section 80 CCF, an investor gets an additional limit of 20000 for tax savings. As per their brochures, tax shields of 17.85 % under Non-Cumulative Option & 16.29 % under Cumulative Option are being shown. However, as per our workings, the IRR (Internal Rate of Calculation) is much lower and is approximately as follows :

Gray Arrow Non-Cumulative Option - 14.68%

Gray Arrow Cumulative Option - 13.97%

Articles in leading financial newspapers arrive at similar conclusions on the real return from these infrastructure bonds. There should be regulations in place to check wrong claims of higher returns.

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Gray Arrow All Personal Finance & Investment Strategies for 2009 and beyond will have to take into consideration 3 main challenges in the years ahead - The Economic & Financial Meltdown & Recession, The Global Terrorism Threat & The Climate Change Catastrophe. (6th January 2009).

Down Arrow Macro global / India assumptions, suggestions & thoughts for Private Equity Partners / Venture Capital Managers on possible strategies to drive their portfolio companies ( 26th February 2009)

Gray Arrow Managing Current Transformational Shifts in the Global Private Equity Landscape.

Gray Arrow Drive Capex / Opex To derive Operational Efficiencies for maximum ROI for Investments.

Gray Arrow Target Higher Growth Opportunities in under penetrated Indian / global markets.

Gray Arrow Leverage Paradigm Shifts in Branding, Marketing & Communications.

Gray Arrow Use Innovative Strategies for Cross Leveraging of Strengths Of Portfolio Companies.

Gray Arrow Implementation of Environment friendly strategies as a key business imperative.

Gray Arrow Address Changing Aspirations & Demographics of Indian Consumers.

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