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" The Web Is A Dangerous Place "

Kaytek Cyber Security Measures

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" The Web Is Indeed A Dangerous Place"

On this page, we shall periodically strive to publish tips & guidelines to enhance your Information Systems Security.

Down Arrow Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008

Gray Arrow The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 as applicable in India has several new provisions and changes relating to cyber crimes & threats such as defamation, hacking & abatement, phishing, credit card frauds, email specific crimes, data, identity & intellectual property thefts, pornography (on computers & mobile devices), etc. (18th June 2010 )

Down Arrow Cyber Security Measures

Down Arrow Income Tax Refund Systems hacked in Mumbai - Persons filing electronic Income Tax returns must ensure safety of their online identity. (30th January 2010 )

Media reports suggest that the Income Tax refunds system in Mumbai was hacked by an unauthorised user.

It is not clear as to whether the Income Tax Department computers storing the user names (PAN Numbers) and passwords of the Income Tax assessees were affected.

However, as a matter of abundant caution, it is suggested that persons filing electronic tax returns must immediately take precautionary measures to prevent their online identity being compromised.

In case you file your Income Tax returns electronically, it is advisable that you change your password used at the Income tax efiling website. In case your tax advisor / advocate / lawyer has filed you returns electronically, kindly inform him / her of the same.

Your user name remains your PAN Number. After the successful password change, you will immediately receive an email from the Income Tax website informing the same.

Down Arrow Caution For Users Of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser (20th January 2010 )

Gray Arrow How Google, Adobe & others were hacked in China - Microsoft Security Advisory - 979352 - Vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution (Links On External Microsoft Websites) - Advisory Square Separator Solution.

Gray Arrow Google - Steps To be Done Increasing Cyber Security Awareness (Link On External Google Website). (14th January 2010 )

Gray Arrow For more information on the above, kindly contact us appropriately.

Down Arrow After Mumbai's 26th November 2008 terrorism events, 2 important cyber security measures that may be done immediately. (18th December 2008 )

Down Arrow Caution For Users Of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Browser (18th December 2008 )

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Microsoft (MS) Internet Explorer Security exploit - In case you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your web browser, kindly download the security patches released by Microsoft.

MS has cautioned users NOT to use Internet Explorer 7 specifically and also earlier versions till the above patch is used.

As an alternative, in case you wish, depending on your web browsing requirements and machine configuration , you may download free of cost any of the following browsers - Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome.

Kindly note that no browser is defect free and you may exercise abundant caution in using the same.

Please ensure that the browser meets your internet browsing requirements (some web sites do not satisfactorily work on non IE browsers) and your machine configurations (the browser's latest versions may have specific operating system & hardware requirements).

Gray Arrow 2.0 - DNS (Domain Name System) vulnerability discovered by Dan Kaminsky on 25th July 2008

Please find below recommendations from software experts from the India-GII group followed by our observations :

Gray Arrow In case your ISP is not safe as reported by the above website, then you can use free DNS server services at the Open DNS or at DNS Advantage websites (no affiliations with Kaytek).

Gray Arrow Kaytek observations - We checked out our ISP's - MTNL & Tata Indicom. As per Dan Karminsky's Doxpara website (currently down as on 27th January 2010) , MTNL was vulnerable to the above problem whereas Tata Indicom was safe.

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