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Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Resources

Down Arrow Kaytek helps achieve your career goals in the 3 Key Areas of :

Gray Arrow Kaytek Raise Revenues Increasing Incomes (of Self, Family, Friends & Associates).

Gray Arrow Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs ( At Home and Workplace).

Gray Arrow Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders ( Customers, Bosses, Colleagues and Peers).

Down Arrow Career Resources

Gray Arrow Grow With KTEK-GROW ! - A Free Jobs and Work Opportunities Postings Service via Kaytek's Customer Network.

Gray Arrow CV - Resume Suggestions (including Cost To Company Calculator) & Resources for candidates seeking job opportunities with Kaytek.

Down Arrow Located Outside India or Seeking Global Careers / Jobs Outside India ?

Gray Arrow Moving to Canada from India ? Some Thoughts.

Down Arrow Job Security Worries ?

Gray Arrow Offshore Outsourcing Resources for Individuals.

Down Arrow Insights & Learnings...

Gray Arrow IT Industry - Future Vision
Insights Of Visionary Experts.

Gray Arrow Management Square Separator Offshoring Square Separator Organization Square Separator Software Square Separator ERP Square Separator Web Square Separator Technology - As A Foundation for Individual Knowledge Square Separator

Gray Arrow An Indian Manufacturing Executive's first China visit. (8 Part Series)

Down Arrow Career Development

Kaytek's Informal Structured Knowledge Transfer & Learning Sessions. ( 8th November 2008)

Gray Arrow Which Service Line do I join in my Software Organization ? - Query amongst 35 others answered in Kaytek-ERP Group.

Gray Arrow Our HR - People Section for Career Development Guidance and Insights.

Down Arrow Moving To Software ?

Nature of Software Careers

Software people work on projects either individually or as a group member in either of the software functions such as Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.

Specialization could either be technology wise or business wise (functional or business / industry) or software role (mentioned above) wise or others.

Gray Arrow From an IT Operations background.

Down Arrow From a BPO / ITES Background.

For people in the BPO sector, a software testing path would be the easiest to enter the software industry. As it does not need deep technical knowledge to get started and helps discipline the mind in a sequential logical manner.

Gray Arrow Path to SAP careers for people working in call centers / BPO units.

Down Arrow India-Specific

Down Arrow Entry Level People

Gray Arrow Internships for MBA, MCA, Software, Hardware Engineering Degree / Diploma Students. Square Separator Importance of English !! Square Separator

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri on Career Tips For Youngsters telecast by India's National TV Channel Doordarshan News & 'Careers in Computers'
Kaytek Director Interview by All India Radio - AIR.

Gray Arrow EAI and ERP Technical, Functional and Industry Specialist Careers.

Down Arrow MBA Students

Gray Arrow Guidance for MBA Students - How to handle Recruitment Slowdown ? ( 2nd February 2009)

Gray Arrow Death of MBA ??

Down Arrow Experienced Professionals

Gray Arrow Software Internships and Mentoring for Experienced Industry Professionals.

Gray Arrow NRI's (Non Resident Indians) Seeking Careers in India.

Down Arrow Tips & Resources

Down Arrow Learn from Kaytek Thoughts, Insights Experiences in a few Hot Job Growth Sectors in India.

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Gray Arrow Tip - Is your experience fresh or has it become stale ? For example, if you have 10 years experience, is it 10 years unique experience or is it 1 year's experience repeated 10 times ?

Have you stopped learning ? Don't.

Gray Arrow Tip - "Instead of waiting for recruiters to call you, follow up with them, to demonstrate your willingness and initiative."

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