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Kaytek Raise Revenues Increasing Incomes (of Self, Family, Friends & Associates).

Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs ( At Home and Workplace).

Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders ( Customers, Bosses, Colleagues and Peers).

Gray Arrow New ! Article - Can I get a rAIse ? - CHAAI (Chief Appraisal AI Officer) Se Charcha on our Easy AI (Artificial Intelligence) Landing Page.

gray arrow CV - Resume suggestions (including Cost To Company (CTC) calculator) & resources for candidates seeking job opportunities within our network.

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gray arrow Moving to Canada from India ? Some thoughts.

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Gray arrow MBA students - How to handle recruitment slowdown ? Square Separator Death of a plain vanilla MBA ?

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Gray Arrow Nature of Software Careers - Software people work on projects either individually or as a group member in either of the software functions such as Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance. Specialization could either be technology wise or business wise (functional or business / industry) or software role (mentioned above) wise or others.

Gray Arrow Moving to software from an IT Operations background.

Gray Arrow From a BPO / ITES Background. For people in the BPO sector, a software testing path would be the easiest to enter the software industry. As it does not need deep technical knowledge to get started and helps discipline the mind in a sequential logical manner.

Gray Arrow Path to SAP careers for people working in call centers / BPO units.

Gray Arrow Internships for MBA, MCA & Software students.

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gray arrow Importance of English !!

gray arrow Kaytek director Mr. Mahesh Khatri 'Careers in Computers' talk at All India Radio - AIR.

gray arrow EAI and ERP technical, functional and industry specialist careers.

gray arrow IT industry - Insights from visionary experts.

gray arrow An Indian manufacturing executive's first China visit. (8 part series)

gray arrow Kaytek's informal structured knowledge transfer & learning sessions. Square Separator HR - people section for career insights.

gray arrow Which service line do i join in my software organization ? - Query amongst 35 others answered in Kaytek ERP group.

gray arrow Tip - Is your experience fresh or has it become stale ? For example, if you have 10 years experience, is it 10 years unique experience or is it 1 year's experience repeated 10 times ? Have you stopped learning ? Don't.

gray arrow Tip - "Instead of waiting for recruiters to call you, follow up with them, to demonstrate your willingness and initiative."