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Updated ! With de-globalization gaining momentum in the next few years, it is conceivable that many senior executives of Indian & Chinese origin who are currently working with large organizations in US & Europe as C-Level Executives return back to their home countries. (26th March 2009).

This article was earlier written as a weblog in 20th February 2004. At that time, the India-buzz had already started, though not in full-volume. Today, India is perceived to be hot.

Just as the NASA Scientist Shah Rukh Khan returns home to 'Light A Bulb' in the Hindi Movie 'Swadesh', this article was about two very successful Global Indian Icons who retraced their India steps last year.

Isn't Our Home the Safest Place on Earth ?

During the last couple of days, the business newspapers are abuzz with the news that two India's most high-profile global names have decided to return home and set up base here.

One is of course, the world's richest Indian, LN Mittal who runs the earth's second largest steel empire out of UK. Known as the Steel Takeover Specialist, who turns around sick steel plants from Russia to China with amazing ease, he had so far stayed away from India, scared by the business conditions here.

Yesterday's newspapers have announced his setting up a steel plant in India for the first time. "India has changed" is what he says. (On 7th May 2005, he announced plans of setting up a Steel Plant at Jharkand, India.)

The next Global Giant who is reported to be heading back home is Vinod Khosla, one of the smartest techie-Venture-Capitalist money-bags in the world.

Today's papers talk of his negotiating a part time postion with his current Silicon Valley Company (Kleiners Perkins Caufield & Byers) and returning back to India.

Probably, to keep a close eye on his firm's Indian VC investments.

This news, if confirmed would probably be the biggest sign that India's market reforms are well underway and India has changed.

" Two Ships, Two Directions, Two Destinations" remarks the Niobe in the movie The Matrix.

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In the case of the above two titans, there is only one destination - India.

They really are the Top-Tip of the Indians Returning To India Iceberg. Global Indians have suddenly rediscovered India.

Many Recruitment Consultants confirm that Non-Resident Indians overseas are indeed beginning to consider India seriously in their future career plans.

In fact, many non-Indian foreigners are also reported to be seeking careers within India.

This obviously is a good sign for the country.

Intelligent Talented Engineers returning back not only bring in Investment Dollars, they also bring with them Fresh Critical Perspectives and Ideas.

Very necessary to change the status quo and sometimes laid back and complacent Indian mindsets.

Whether returning as an Employee or an Entrepreneur, one realises that after all, it is Home, Sweet Home.

Come. Light Your Bulb. India Awaits You Warmly.

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Updated on 26th March 2009
Posted on 12th February 2005

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