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Branded Jewellery Retailing in India - Some Thoughts....

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Retail Consulting Perspective

Gray Arrow New ! Jewellery E Commerce & Marketplaces Strategy - Kaytek Founder Director Mr Mahesh Khatri provided consulting services for preparation of technical inputs, cost estimate, project delivery timeline for a Dubai E Commerce - Sales & Service, On Demand Marketplace, E Commerce - Training & Jewellery Knowledge Marketplace. (3rd May 2020).

As middle class income levels rise in India, branding of products and services that were earlier sold as commodities is on the rise. In many product sectors, organized branding and retailing is on the increase.

Down Arrow Kaytek's Consulting Director has had Strategic Advisory Discussions with a Prospective Entrepreneur setting up a Chain of Branded Jewellery Retail Outlets in India.

Some thoughts to help understand the issues and questions in the future creation of a World-Class Jewellery Brand for Indian and global markets. are presented below.

Gray Arrow Reputation, Honesty, Integrity, Custom-Jewellery Creation for International Class Quality Conscious Markets are a few of the organization's key strengths.

Gray Arrow The idea of Retailing Jewellery in the Indian Market to be done in a Planned, Systematic Professional Fashion.

Gray Arrow A Strong Professional Team and Performance Culture is being steadily built within the organization under the able guidance of Established 3rd Generation Entrepreneurs.

Gray Arrow Very few Jewellery Exporters have succeeded in creating trusted Brands in India.

Even in the Export market, even though there are a large number of Indian exporters, mostly unbranded jewellery has been sold so far.

Gray Arrow Jewellery customers get cheated even by reputed companies in India.

Gray Arrow Kaytek believes that it is possible to create a World Class Jewellery Brand both for Indian and World Markets.

Gray Arrow The Ratio of 70% - 30 % Margin Sharing in Developed Economies between Retail-Channel and Manufacturers will also be true for India in the future.

Gray Arrow The Size of the Indian Jewellery Market is Large.

There are a few known organised national and regional brands like Arisia, Asmi, Gini, Nakshatra, Oyzterbay, Tanishq, etc.

It is expected that more foreign brands will enter the Indian market in the future either directly or via tie-ups with local Indian companies.

Gray Arrow Kaytek can help the Organization in their Branding effort through Long-Term, Quality Consultancy Inputs based on our research and study.

Gray Arrow We believe that the organization must work at projecting a Strong Uniform Consistent Global Brand Identity while leveraging their Tradition, Current Infrastructure and Skillsets to Mass markets.

Gray Arrow The organization's brand name, domain name, logo and Key Jewellery Designs also must be protected worldwide under the international Intellectual Property - Copyright and Trademark mechanisms available.

Gray Arrow Kaytek has done some initial research spadework on the Indian Jewellery Market to understand the same better.

Gray Arrow Kaytek has prepared Comprehensive Retail Marketing Model and Competitive Analysis Frameworks for various industry verticals in India.

The same study would also be extended to select Jewellery retail outlets and the results of the same would be confidentially shared with the organization.

Gray Arrow Email Us : Can we help in your Jewellery Organized Retailing Project in India ?

Down Arrow To be Continued....

Thoughts on Jewellery Branding Themes used in India.

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Updated on 3rd May 2020.
Posted on 16th September 2005.

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