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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

" Are You Ready For India's Retail Revolution ? "

Industry / Business Segment - Retail

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Down Arrow New ! Feedback from an Organized Retail Consultant - "I am glad to inform you thatwith your good wishes, the first supermarket under my consultancy opened successfully last week. We hadarecord first day sales. Pleased with our efforts, our consultancy services have been extended. Thanks a lot for your motivation." - Mumbai based Organized Retail Consultant. (12th June 2021)

Gray Arrow Download 3 Page Adobe PDF file (35 KB) describing Kaytek Business Consulting / Project Services for Retail Outlets in India based on our current and past work in this field. (24th August 2007).

Down Arrow Some Of Our Retail Experiences

Gray Arrow Field Research Visits Of Select Suburban UpMarket Food & Grocery Retailing Outlets in Mumbai.

Gray Arrow Indepth Strategic Study & Project Feasibility of the Food & Grocery Retailing Opportunity in India.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Advisory, Management Consulting, Website Design, Development work Done for an Antique Heritage Furniture and Traditional Indian Ethnic Artefacts Retail Outlet in Mumbai in different Functional Areas Gray Arrow Legal Square Separator Marketing Square Separator Strategy Square Separator Web/Internet.

Down Arrow Eminent Quotes (10th April 2007).

Down Arrow Quotes by Andrew Levermore, CEO, Hypercity Retail India in a talk titled Innovation In Exploding Retail at the Confederation of Indian Industry - CII Annual Conference in Mumbai on 4th April 2007.

Gray Arrow " The rich love low prices, the poor need them. "

Gray Arrow " Innovation is a deliberate point of view, independent of history. "

Down Arrow Quote by Douglas Baillie, CEO, Hindustan Lever Ltd speaking of the rise of Indian Middle Class at the Confederation of Indian Industry - CII Annual Conference in Mumbai on 4th April 2007.

Gray Arrow " The Pyramid is changing into a Diamond. " (Reference To the Changing Demographics of Indian Consumers. Earlier Income Versus Population Pyramid Shaped Distribution had morphed into a diamond with increasing high spending consumers.)

Down Arrow Merrily Multiply Money In India's Retail Markets...

Gray Arrow Strategic Mistakes made by Retailers in India in A Periodic (Random) Snapshot of India's Retail Markets !

Gray Arrow Branded Jewellery Retailing In India.

Gray Arrow India's Retail Revolution Rises and Roars...

Gray Arrow Organized Retailing in Small Towns...Some Strategic Issues

Gray Arrow Itching to Enter India ? India as A Market.

Down Arrow Some Of Our IT Work in Retail

Gray Arrow Kaytek Information Technology (IT) Experiences in the Organized Retail Sector.

Gray Arrow Can we help you in your India organized retail IT plans ? Email us.

Down Arrow Global Retail Giants in India

Down Arrow Viewpoint - The Ambani Allies Against Walmart ? (10th April 2007).

Gray Arrow Between the two Ambani brothers, Mukesh and Anil will control two significant complementary components of India's Modern Physical and E-Commerce Infrastructure respectively.

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Retail with it's modern Mortar - Brick Infrastructure for Physical Offline Retail Markets.

Anil Ambani's Reliance Communication's Contemporary Telecom (Voice / Data) Platform for Virtual Online Markets.

If they join hands in the future, can they give Walmart the world's largest company a tough fight in India ?

An Intriguing Possibility...Think About It. Isn't Blood Thicker Than Water ?

Gray Arrow Business 2.0 published by global media conglomerate CNN-Time Warner Group, owning magazines like Fortune, Money and Fortune Small Business in their July 2007 issue naming the Ambani brothers in the World's Top 50 also agree with our earlier published above viewpoint - "Imagine what these two could do if they just saw eye to eye." (24th August 2007).

Gray Arrow Weblog - Did we predict Reliance's and the other Reliance (ADAG) Group's Retail strategies in India ? ( 11th August 2006 )

Down Arrow WALMART - What's Up ?

Gray Arrow WALMART finally coming to India ! (1st December 2006).

Gray Arrow Weblog - Willingly waiting for Walmart ? ( 8th June 2006 )

Gray Arrow Weblog - The Reliance Retail Revolution against WALMART ?

Gray Arrow " When will WALMART come to India ? "

Gray Arrow Technology Learnings from WALMART.

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