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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Kaytek Internship Training Opportunities

Software Engineering and MBA Students

Benefit From Gray Arrow Practical Work Experiences with Kaytek

Down Arrow Internships for Students - Overview

Do you need an Internship to satisfy your current Academic Requirements ?

Are you finding it difficult to get a Job without quality Experience ?

Is Your Academic Knowledge becoming Obsolete quickly without any practical application ?

Do you need Fresh Stimulating Contemporary Inputs ?

Your Academic Qualifications may give you a degree.

But does it give you the extra edge and the crucial confidence to tackle real world problems in a complex global seting ?

There are significant gaps between the academic knowledge provided in educational institutions and the practical working knowledge required by organizations.

To bridge this gap effectively, an internship training program is often useful and sometimes absolutely necessary.

Kaytek offers internship training programs for the following types of students :

Gray Arrow Post-Graduate Management (MBA, MMS, etc) Students.

Gray Arrow Computer Software Engineering Graduate and Post-Graduate (BE, BTech, MCA, etc) Students.

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Last Updated on 19th December 2012.

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