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Careers in Computers - Overview

IT is still a Hot Field

Interview of Kaytek Director - Mr. Mahesh Khatri
by All India Radio - AIR FM2 - Yuva Manch
(Meaning 'Youth Forum' in Hindi) Program.

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek IT Educational Consulting Insight

Down Arrow Main Points Of the Interview Transcript in 8 Parts :

Down Arrow Part 1

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Introduction

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Effect of IT on Employment Opportunities in India.

Down Arrow Part 2

Gray Arrow 3.0 - Origins of Computers.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - Moore's law and it's implications for the IT industry.

Down Arrow Part 3

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Growth of the Indian IT industry and future prospects.

Gray Arrow 6.0 - Effect of US Slowdown on India's IT industry's prospects.

Down Arrow Part 4

Gray Arrow 7.0 - India-based Global IT organisations.

Down Arrow Part 5

Gray Arrow 8.0 - Strong Technical Skills of Indian IT engineers.

Down Arrow Part 6

Gray Arrow 9.0 - New Advances - Wearable Computers.

Down Arrow Part 7

Gray Arrow 10.0 - Effect of software engineers returning back to India from overseas.

Down Arrow Part 8

Gray Arrow 11.0 - Importance of Continuous Knowledge Updation in the IT industry.

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