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Down Arrow Kaytek's Informal Structured Knowledge Transfer & Learning Sessions ( 8th November 2008)

For our internal projects & external customers, Kaytek has been experimenting with various Software Tools and Technologies for the past several months. Some of these software projects are as follows

Gray Arrow Oracle Application Express (Apex) which is an Oracle Web Development Tool tightly wrapped to the Oracle Database using Oracle RDBMS SQL & PL/SQL language. We have developed an Internet / Web Based Purchase & Sales Ordering & Invoicing Software (Beta) under Oracle Apex.

Gray Arrow Google Mobile Operating System - Android Platform - Developing an Entity Attribute Values Database using Java programming Language & Sqlite Database under Eclipse Development Environment.

Gray Arrow Google App Engine which is PAAS (Platform As A Service) Technology Platform (Developing Web Applications using Python programming language under Eclipse Development Environment).

Gray Arrow Various Internal Applications using Python Programming language & mySQL Databases.

Gray Arrow Investments - Mutual Funds Price & Portfolio Tracking using WAMP (Windows - Apache, mySQL & PHP / Python) Open Source Stack.

Gray Arrow Investments - Stock Price Graphical Displays using Adobe Flex & Apache, mySQL & PHP Open Source Technologies.

Over the next few months based on the level of interest and our mutual tight schedules, we are planning Informal Structured Knowledge Transfer Learning Sessions on the above technologies for interested participants on weekends (Saturdays / Sundays) at our Andheri East Offices in Mumbai.

These are planned to be low cost, half-day / full-day sessions for a batch size of between 5 - 10 people.

Participants will be expected to have some basic level of programming language and software skills and a keen willingness to learn.

Also, in an open networked world, we view these knowledge transfer learning sessions as a two way process. We want to learn from your experiences as much as you seek to learn from our experiences.

For further details kindly email us at : mahesh (at) kaytek (dot) in.

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