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The 3 Broad Types of Software Categories

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There are 3 broad Types of Software Applications within an Organization :

Down Arrow 1.0 - ERP Software Applications

ERP is an Acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is fast becoming the core IT Software Infrastructure Application for most organizations. Within the ERP Software Category, a Distinction can been made between the Standard ERP-Core Modules which are common across the Industry for all Organizations

and ERP-Addon Modules which have been customized and are specific and proprietary to the organization.

Down Arrow 2.0 - Non-ERP Software Applications

These have been further categorized into three main types :

Gray Arrow 2.1 - Standard Office Applications - Like Microsoft MS-OFFICE WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, ACCESS, SUN OFFICE, etc.

Gray Arrow 2.2 - Standard Software

- Ready-Made Off-The-Shelf Software Applications In the Areas of Accounting, Payroll, Sales Order, Contact Management, etc.

Gray Arrow 2.3 - Customized Software Applications - Organization Specific Custom-Built Software Applications in different Areas.

Down Arrow 3.0 - Internet / Web Based Software Facilities

The Internet / Web Software Facilities consist of Intranets, Extranets, Websites and Portals. Access to these would be either via PC's or via Mobile Devices.

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