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What Is inside The IT Computing Box ?

Layers of Hardware, Software & Knowledge

within the IT Computing Platform

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Down Arrow Multiple Layers of Hardware, Software Technologies along with the related knowledge within The IT Computing Platform.

For most people, understanding what is inside the IT Platform or IT Box or IT Devices is very difficult.

They appear too complex to try understand what's inside them.

With proper understanding comes ease of use and greater control over them in our day to day lives.

Whether it is a mainframe computer or an enterprise server or a desktop computer or a laptop or different IT hand-held devices like a Blackberry or a Pocket PC or a palmtop or even a mobile phone, all these are IT computing machines.

All of the them have the same layered architecture of their different internal components.

The visual below demonstrates the hierarchial nature of the different layers comprising the Information Technology (IT) Computing Platform.

Visualise The IT Box or Device as a Building with multiple storeys, floors or levels.

Looking at the above visual from bottom upwards, we find the following different layers :

Hierachial Layers of Knowledge, Software and Hardware within the Information Technology Computing Platform

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Down Arrow The Hierarchial Layers Within The IT Device

Gray Arrow Hardware (Including Peripherals and Networks) at the Foundation at the Bottom. On The Ground Base Level.

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Gray Arrow Software In the Middle Floors above the hardware layer.

Gray Arrow Lastly, the knowledge (Of all of the layers below) across the entire height of the IT Box.

Both technical ( for different hardware or software technologies) and non-technical knowledge.

It could be Operational, Designing and Deploying knowledge.

It is this IT Knowledge which is crucial for using the IT Devices very effectively.

So understanding the IT machine, device or the box need not be magic or a mystery to most of us.


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