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What are the different layers inside a Computer ?

Hierarchical Layers of Knowledge, Software & Hardware

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What's inside the IT Computing Box ?

The visual demonstrates the hierarchical nature of the different Knowledge, Software and hardware layers comprising the Information Technology (IT) Computing Platform.

Across computers - mainframes, servers, desktops, laptops, palmtops and devices like Blackberry and mobile phones.

Visualise The IT Computing Platform as a five storey or five floor building.

Gray Arrow Hardware (Including Peripherals and Networks) at the Bottom Base Foundation level.

Hierachical Layers of End-User Knowledge, Data, Software and Hardware within the Information Technology Computing Platform

Down Arrow Software On the Next 3 Levels above the hardware.

Gray Arrow Operating Systems Software (like Windows, XP, Linux, etc) on the First Level immediately above the hardware.

Gray Arrow Standard Software Packages (like Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc ) on the Second Level.

Gray Arrow Custom Built Software Solutions (Usually developed for Specific Customers) at the Third Level.

Gray Arrow Logical Software Layers

Gray Arrow Software Data ( of all the Software Application layers below) at the Fourth Level.

Gray Arrow Lastly, Knowledge (either technical or non technical - of some or all of the layers below) at the Top Fifth Level.


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