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" I want To Develop A Web Portal "

Web Portals - Critical Issues To Consider - 1

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Web Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow 1.0 - Objective :

This brief overview document has been prepared by Kaytek to help our customers consider all critical issues for Web Portals Development. It is not an exhaustive reference. It is only a broad pointer to critical issues.

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Overview : The Issues have been broadly classified as follows :

Gray Arrow 3.0 - Net Strategy : Overall Issues, Revenue Issues

Gray Arrow 4.0 - Site Design : Site Content, Site Evaluation

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Site Hosting : ISP Facilities, Security Aspects

Gray Arrow 6.0 - Development : Approach, Technologies, Integration

Gray Arrow 7.0 - Marketing : Branding Aspects, Marketing Communications

Issues to consider are detailed below :

Down Arrow 3.0 - Net Strategy :

Down Arrow 3.1 - Overall Issues :

Gray Arrow 3.1.1 - Site Purpose : What objectives do you want the web portal to achieve ?

Gray Arrow 3.1.2 - Target Audience : Which segment of the population will visit your portal and why ?

How frequently would they visit your portal ?

How much time would they spend there ?

On what sections ?

Using what services ?

Do you have the web analytical tools to track their behavious on the site ?

Gray Arrow 3.1.3 - Market Analysis : How would the portal compare to similar globally competitive portals in terms of performance, services and features ?

Gray Arrow 3.1.4 - Differentiator : How would your portal alter the competitive landscape in terms by creating a loyal visitor community with effective customer relationship management and advanced personalisation features ?

Gray Arrow 3.1.5 - Existing Infrastructure Integration : How would be the portal be effectively integrated with the existing physical and informational supply- chain operations and Information Technology Infrastructure of your organisation and other service providers ?

Down Arrow 3.2 - Revenue Issues :

Gray Arrow 3.2.1 - Unique : What unique differentiating content & services will be offered ?

Gray Arrow 3.2.2 - Income Sources : What would be the long-term recurring Income sources ?

Gray Arrow 3.2.3 - Operational Expenses : What levels of expenses would be required to offer above content and services and generate regular incomes ?

Gray Arrow 3.2.4 - Scalability : How would these services and income sources scale upwards with increased portal usage and transactional volumes ?

Gray Arrow 3.2.5 - Feasibility Report : Has a detailed feasibility Report been prepared for the portal considering all Operational Aspects and Financial Aspects - Commerce Models, Budgets, Revenues, Costs, ROI, etc?

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