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Gray Arrow " Very Interesting and well done..."

Feedback from Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief, WIRED Magazine and Originator of The Long Tail Concept to our website content.

Gray Arrow " Best Portal to get information about the different SAP Modules."

Gray Arrow " Check this link for Maharashtra Professional Tax."

Gray Arrow " I have checked the website & it is quite useful. Also I have forwarded it's information to my EDP person."

Gray Arrow " I have checked the website & it is quite useful. Also I have forwarded it's information to my EDP person."

Gray Arrow " ... Nice Website Primer on SAP... "

Gray Arrow " ... A User-Friendly Website, I should say... "

Gray Arrow " Very interesting website...."

Gray Arrow " Always enjoy your ideas - they stretch my thinking....."

Gray Arrow " I am compelled to tell you that your knowledge and views on IT and business on the whole have struck a responsive chord within me.....

There is a fine line between saying too much and saying too little. Apparently, walking that line comes naturally to you......it brought to attention some areas that I myself had not given a thought to.

It takes ability, knowledge, and talent to express ideas in a way that is informative and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity.....

I wish to share some of your articles with my associates so that they too might reap the benefits of your knowledge......"

Gray Arrow " Nice article, as always..... I believe that the points you make are valid...."

Gray Arrow " Your efforts are very educational and appreciated......"

Gray Arrow " All interesting articles - very creative writing. Recommend to all....."

Gray Arrow " Very informative. Thanks ! ....."

Gray Arrow " ...This is exactly the sort of metrics I am looking for. Thank you. ....."

Gray Arrow " Respected Sir, Could I use this in an article to point out your expertise in analyzing ERP softwares, or should we do a conference call about ROI and TCO calculations today ?...."

Gray Arrow " Very informative...."

Gray Arrow " The ERP shoot-out seems an interesting idea....."

Gray Arrow " ... ERP Vendors may indeed have already taken the excellent points you make (and which I strongly agree with generically, by the way) and built them into their plans for the next year or two......"

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