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Important Factors to be considered for

A SAP Career Switch - Unique Knowledge

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow People who have some ingredients of unique knowledge will obviously gain from a career in SAP in case they can properly leverage the same.

Down Arrow Unique Functional Knowledge

In case your knowledge of a particular functional requirements (e.g. India specific Accounting VAT ) is very strong and extensible beyond specific organizations and industry into other areas, then knowledge of a specific SAP Functional Module would help.

The technical features of Global ERP Solutions like SAP are always playing catch-up with Geographic Location specific requirements. e.g. In India, SAP needs to be localized extensively for Tax Computations. People who have knowledge of these geography specific requirements would always be an advantage.

Down Arrow Unique Technical Knowledge

Gray Arrow In case you have very strong and deep knowledge of a particular technology area (e.g. C++ programming knowledge or say ERP Database Tables to ASCII Flat Files Transformation), then you should explore as to how your knowledge fits into the specific SAP environment.

e.g. Would knowledge of a programming language like C++ or Java help in understanding ABAP more easily ?

Yes, it would speed up learning and ease the technical transition to SAP.

Down Arrow Unique Industry Specific Knowledge

Gray Arrow People with strong knowledge of unique industry processes can benefit in case they are able to map their knowledge with SAP's IS (Industry Specific) Solutions for various Verticals.

In case of no SAP IS solution, perhaps their knowledge can be utilized to develop one !!

Extensive unique domain knowledge of a specific industry vertical definitely helps in implementing SAP in one's organization or switching to SAP with other other organizations within the same vertical who can utilise the said experience and expertise. It is important to build a verifiable successful track record.

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