Down Arrow Cloud Computing Is A Game Changer

Cloud Computing promises to be a game changer for the global IT industry. Cloud Computing is already having a significant impact on the IT industry.

Every decade has witnessed transition points in the IT marketplace. In the early 80's, PC based client server techologies replaced mini computers & mainframes. In the late 90's, first Y2K (Year 2000) and then Web / Internet Development & Global Offshoring changed the game. Now, Cloud Computing promises to make a significant impact on the Trillions of Dollars of the global IT Services Marketplace. It is an extremely crucial inflexion point for all of us. No Capital Expenditure In Expensive Computer Hardware, Storage & Networking Peripherals !! No Hassles of Keeping Track Of Software Licensing & Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Fees !! No Hassles of Running Out of Bandwidth Capacity & Storage Space on your website or Internet portal !!

Pay As You Go !

Pay As You Grow !

No Capex (Capital Expenditure).

Minimal Opex (Operating Expenses).

The Ideal IT Solution both in recessionary & growth times.

What you only need is an Internet enabled computer or a mobile device.

You focus on your business and use IT as a utility service just as you use electricity today !

Most of us have used Software Applications running from the cloud. Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo Groups are all Cloud Based Apps that many have used extensively. Currently, Microsoft, Amazon and Google are the current large global serious players in this important segment. Enterprise Software Applications such as salesforce & SAP's Business ByDesign are also Cloud Based Web Applications. Now, Computing as well as Storage Solutions are being offered as Services accessible via the Internet.

Cloud Computing is a critical development for India's economy at this stage when most of the developed countries have slid into a deep painful recession.

It will help India's many innovative start-ups to create useful Internet based software applications for our growing population of computing and mobile users.

Microsoft, Google & Amazon offer compute, storage, messaging & other services available on a low as you consume (either computing time expressed in units of machine hours / space as per disk resources consumed) unit basis for a range of operating system platform (Windows & Linux variants) combinations.

e.g. Google App Engine allows you to utilize their web Infrastructure to store your software applications (written using the Python programming language).

You just need to have a Google email account. The promise of a zero hardware cost web scale infrastructure (Free Upto 500 MB of Space & 5 Million page views per month for Google App Engine Users) along with Indian language computing initiatives (e.g. Google's Indic Transliteration Services) will spur computing usage innovations.

It is our understanding that the above computing infrastructure offerings of these giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft to enterprises & mass consumers will help immensely in raising India's IT competitiveness.

The commoditization of the IT industry's hardware offerings has just begun. But it promises to deliver a rich set of web based anytime anywhere Web based applications accessible both from Computers as well as Mobile Devices to large numbers of consumers in India. Once the cloud computing based global security & legal issues are clearly understood, it will be a transformational sea change for the Indian IT industry.

The challenges of Cloud Computing are many - reliability, confidentiality, security, etc. There are also major operational data integration issues connecting cloud based hosted solutions & on premise software applications. However, these can be automated for streamlined operations. Today it is possible to create a global startup based out of India using innovative usage of cheap global cloud infrastructure platforms.