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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Down Arrow Understand The Differences between Outsourcing, Offshoring & Offsourcing...

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Gray Arrow Offshoring - A to Z ... Problems & Pitfalls.

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Gray Arrow Opportunity areas for CRO's (Clinical Research Organizations) to leverage India's IT (Information Technology) Advantage. (11th December 2007 )

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We strive to help you achieve your Offshoring & Outsourcing goals in the 3 key business areas of :

Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders ..... Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues .....Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs

Based on our Consulting Director's 2 decades plus IT & software experience, we provide personalized offshoring advisory, consulting and mentoring services on a foundation of transparency and integrity for your software projects in India.

For more information on our Offshoring Services, kindly fill in the contact form below or call us in Mumbai, India at 0091 0 98330 54344 during Office Working Hours or email us at mahesh (at) kaytek (dot) in.

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Down Arrow Weblogs - The World is NOT Flat ".

Gray Arrow "It's not Flat, but full of Mountains and Valleys. "

Gray Arrow " Even the US has valleys " says the Singapore Education Minister.

Gray Arrow Ringing In The New Year with Thomas Friedman and....Bihar.

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China beats the US in the One Million Dollar Per Minute race Square Separator 2 questions to ask for a China Strategy Square Separator China's 3 Risks.

Gray Arrow Manufacturing in China.

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Gray Arrow Will China overtake India in IT ?

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Overcoming China's Looming Infrastructure lead ? Square Separator The New Meaning of 'Inc' for US Companies ?

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