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Down Arrow Overview

Kaytek has successfully designed and developed an IVR (Interactive Voice Response ) System for a Multi-National Airline.

It allows their Customers - Travel Agents and Corporate Executives to take part in Marketing Promotion Schemes.

They can call up the respective office in 10 different Asia Pacific countries,select the appropriate language (out of 7 languages), enter their identification number, scheme number and store their ticket numbers in the system.

Down Arrow Background

For this project, starting from a one paragraph email requirement, Kaytek had the complete responsibility of delivering a complete turnkey solution to a foreign customer located outside India.

Except for a couple of face to face meetings (one pre-project and one during project software demonstration meeting), all other project communications, interactions and deliverable exchanges have been via email,phone and fax.

Kaytek also was responsible for choosing the third party hardware and software technology components for this project.

Both of these were successfully evaluated from different US Companies, again using the Internet.

The software's IVR functionality was tested directly by the customer personnel telephonically from their offices in 6 different countries.

Down Arrow Project Features & Challenges

The multiple-language (English, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai, Cantonese ) system capabilities and cultural differences between the users in 10 different Asia Pacific countries and multiple device interactions (Both telephone and computer ) led to certain User Interface design challenges. These were as follows :

Down Arrow System - Telephone Interactions - User Interface Issues

Gray Arrow Designing simple and easy to understand voice prompts in English.

Gray Arrow Ensuring that the voice prompts and time gaps were designed keeping in mind the needs of the busy telephone caller - customer's business environment in these countries.

Gray Arrow Helping the customer correctly translate these prompts into the respective six different languages . Kaytek provided detailed prompt- translation document templates for each language.

Gray Arrow Checking these different language voice prompts received from the customer for correct sound, minimal noise and professional quality.

Down Arrow System - Computer Interactions - User Interface Issues

Gray Arrow Standard Color Coding Conventions used consistently for all Screens, User and Technical Documentation.

Gray Arrow Graphical Icons selected carefully keeping in mind universality of the same and easy communication ability across all cultures.

Gray Arrow Message prompts kept as simple as possible , keeping in mind end- users limited knowledge of English.

Gray Arrow System Operations kept as intuitive as possible based on our understanding of their business needs.

So far, both the telephone interfaces and screen interfaces have been found to be very easy to use and understand by the customer as per the personal and email feedback received from them.

However, we appreciate that as the user's knowledge of the system increases, they would be in an enhanced position to provide much better qualitative feedback on system usage and interface issues.

These are proposed to be incorporated in the next version of the software.

Down Arrow Lessons n Learnings

Gray Arrow The above project's learnings also published as a Case Study titled " How to Manage A Large Scale Outsourcing Project " on a Hong Kong Based Website for Asian Entrepreneurs is here.

Gray Arrow Email us for more details.

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Last Updated on 18th May 2009.
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