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" Why does a Retail Outlet Need a Website ? "

Your Online Presence is As Important
as A Physical Offline Presence

Retail - Web Site Project

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Web / Internet Experiences

Kaytek has had experiences in providing Internet / Web Consulting & Strategy Perspectives & Services.

Down Arrow Retailer Web Site Project

Structure & Overall Framework Conceptualization for a Antique and Heritage Furniture Retail Customer's website in Mumbai.

The Comprehensive Scope of Work encompassed all the following specific web related functional areas :

Gray Arrow Content - Design, Development, Presentation, Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy - Reasoning, Mechanics and feedback from Network of Communities.

Gray Arrow Software Technologies, Development Facilities Organisation, Development, Upload, Database, CD Creation, Backup Computers / Scanner.

Gray Arrow Design & Development, Prototype Site for Demonstration, Actual Website Design & Development.

Gray Arrow Research - Competitive Websites Visited, Showroom Geographic Location Specific Cultural Attributes Study.

Gray Arrow Operations - Testing, Upload, Supplier Management, Liason with Outside Agencies in specialised functional areas - Photography, Interior Design Consultant, Web Hosting Agency, Printers, Print Media Representatives, Advertising Agencies & Freelance Design & Marketing Consultants.

Down Arrow Related Integrated Advisory & Consulting Services for the Retail Outlet

Square Separator Legal Square Separator Marketing Square Separator Communications Square Separator Events Square Separator Others Square Separator Strategy Square Separator

Gray Arrow Enhancements (including Support), Incorporating Web Visitor Feedback, Administration, Domain Name Registration, Renewal.

Gray Arrow Hosting - Email Account Registration, Web Hosting Agreement Review, Checking Website Hosting Parameters.

Gray Arrow Administering Website Mail-Boxes, Domain Parked Status, etc, Website Visitor Analysis, Updating Website Statistics.

Gray Arrow Enhancements - Web-visitor feedback systems, Marketing, Search Engine Registration, Portal Websites/ Auction / E-Commerce Websites.

Gray Arrow For further Information, please email us for more details.


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