Down Arrow Beyond Bijli, Sadak, Pani - Some BSP's for the Indian IT Industry.

(Article published in an Indian Weekly Newspaper The Sahara Times on 10th January 2004.)

The late 2003 State Assembly elections in India were fought on the Acronym - BSP - the Bijli, Sadak, Pani Issues. In India's National Language - Hindi, 'Bijli' means Electricity. 'Sadak' means Roads. 'Pani' means 'Water'. We hijack the same BSP acronym to explain a few broad trends affecting the IT Industry in India. We call these underlying events and trends individually as the 'B', 'S' and 'P' factors, collectively called the 'BSP' factors.

Down Arrow The 'B' Factors

Gray Arrow 'Building Brand Bihar By Banishing Backwardness'

Gray Arrow 'Big Bandwidth Boom'

Gray Arrow 'Blurring of Boundaries' and 'Banishing of Barriers'

Gray Arrow 'Bigger and Better than the Best, Bang For Buck For Bleeding IT Budgets

Down Arrow The 'S' Factors

Gray Arrow 'Software Shakeout'

Gray Arrow 'Steady Rupee Appreciation'

Gray Arrow 'Software as a Service'

Gray Arrow 'Software Sourcing Type'

Gray Arrow 'Strategic Use of IT'

Gray Arrow 'Services Surging Steadily'

Gray Arrow 'Steady Increase in Standards of Living'

Down Arrow The 'P' Factors

Gray Arrow 'Protection of Intellectual Property'

Gray Arrow 'Plethora of Platforms'.

Gray Arrow 'Privacy Protection'

Gray Arrow 'Protectionist Pressures,Pushes and Pulls'

Gray Arrow 'Plunging Pricing Pressures'

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