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ESA - European Space Agency

Software Engineering Standards

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ESA - European Space Agency Methodology - Software Engineering Standards

For some of the previous software projects designed and developed by KAYTEK, we followed the ESA Methodology.

ESA - European Space Agency has developed Software Engineering Standards which are concerned with all software aspects of a system including it's interfaces with computer hardware and with other components of a system.

The standards define the various phases based on software project activities to be carried out based on the software life cycle model approach.

Down Arrow ESA - Software Life Cycle Model Phase Overview

The following are the various phases of the software project activities based on the software life cycle model approach of ESA - (European Space Agency Software Engineering Standards - Issue 2 ):

Gray Arrow Definition of User Requirements (UR) Phase

Gray Arrow Definition of Software Requirements (SR) Phase

Gray Arrow Definition of Architectural Design (AD) Phase

Gray Arrow Detailed Design (DD) & Code Production Phase

Gray Arrow TRransfer of Software (TR) to Operations Phase

Gray Arrow Operations and Maintenance (OM) Phase

Kaytek has used suitably modified version of the above methodology for our commerical software projects.

We also have our own Generic methodologies and practices which we have evolved to help us to design,develop & deliver Complex Integrated Systems with consistent quality.

In addition, the following URL may be helpful :

Gray Arrow CSE (Centre For Software Engineering), Dublin City University, Ireland. Checked for accuracy as on 28th January 2009.

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