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UML - Unified Modeling Language

How To Prepare Class Diagrams ?

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UML (Unified Modeling Language) is a Graphical Language for visualizing, specifying, constructing and documenting the artifacts of a software intensive system.

UML was adopted as an industry standard (Booch, Jacobson and Rumbaugh) in 1997. It provides a set of modeling elements, notations, relationships and rules for use that could be applied to a software development activity.

Kaytek has provided Online Mentoring Assistance via Email to a Customer in London, UK on Preparing Class Diagrams under UML.

For the Class Diagram, there would be 3 types of Analysis Classes suggested by the Assignment : Entity Classes, User Interface Classes & Control Classes (Based on the MVC - Model - View - Controller Concept.

Down Arrow Entity Classes eg. Customers, Books, Author, etc.

All Nouns (like Customers, Books, Authors) will be Entities.

The Class Diagram has to capture all these Entities via Entity Classes.

Down Arrow User Interface Classes

The User Interface of the Proposed System needs to be modularly classified as different classes.

Some of the classes would be

Gray Arrow 'Catalogue View'.

Gray Arrow Book-Two Column Format View , etc

Down Arrow Control Classes

A control class typically does not perform any business functions.

It only redirects to the appropriate business function class depending on the function requested by the boundary class or the user.

From the Use Case and Sequence, you have to derive the Control Classes that would be present in the application.

For each of the classes above, you also need to understand :

Gray Arrow Attributes - Properties of Entities or Other Classes. eg Customer Name, Book ISBN Number, etc)

Down Arrow Associations - The Relationships between the different classes viz

Gray Arrow Inheritance (Is A Relationship)

Gray Arrow Containment (Consists Of, eg. Book Consists Of Pages)

Gray Arrow Aggregation / Composition.

In addition, the following URL's (External Links) may be helpful for a better understanding of how to prepare UML diagrams. Checked for accuracy as on 28th January 2009.

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