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Gray Arrow " The range of quality of inputs and questions I get from Indian members on discussion groups (my main source of ongoing education,) goes from that of Kaytek's (very high and professional) to a quality that makes me cringe with horror...."

Gray Arrow " I am thankful to you for your reply. We are also ERP Provider in India for SMB Segment so it has always been a great value learning for us from all your postings......"

Gray Arrow " Thanks for taking the time to try and find something.."

Gray Arrow " I like and so agree very much with your words - Your experience should be an asset, not a liability, if leveraged properly..."

Gray Arrow " I was overwhelmed to read all your replies... They all are well drafted and addressed the queries raised. My appreciations to you for that....."

Gray Arrow " Thanks. I totally agree with you. I am sure I will be able to get a clear idea with your informative inputs. ...."

Gray Arrow " Thanks for your valuable feedback for my queries. It did clear my doubts...."

Gray Arrow " As you have always been very participative and sharing such valuable information with every one, I request you to help me. Thanks in advance....."

Gray Arrow " Thanks for your prompt response..."

Gray Arrow " Looks very interesting. Solution does in fact provide some assistance ....."

Gray Arrow " ...Great post. Thanks for the feedback, education on India and update. Your pride in your country is obvious and nice to hear. Will definitely take the time look you up if I ever get another opportunity to Visit Mumbai....."

Gray Arrow " Very much appreciate the feedback. Interesting and very detailed. ...."

Gray Arrow " Will be interesting to see if your software vision of the future will come to pass....."

Gray Arrow " Sir, Thank you very much for your reply. I'll look up this link as soon as I post my thanks to U :) I appreciate your help & guidance......"

Gray Arrow " ...Thanks for your mail, a booster to me. I will try, try, try again......."

Gray Arrow " ... Have found your advice to be precise and appropriate...."

Gray Arrow " ... Thanks for giving a thought..."

Gray Arrow " ... Appreciate the prompt response...."

Gray Arrow " ... Sir, Its really an honour to have my query answered by you. Thanks !!...."

Gray Arrow " A special thanks to you for this valuable EAI advice. "

Gray Arrow " I have been going through the articles of SAP on this website and have noticed that you actively participate in all the discussions. It's nice to see people like you helping & guiding people...."

Gray Arrow " Thanks for your valuable advice. I really appreciate your time and effort. I will do the needful as suggested by you ...."

Gray Arrow " With people like you on this forum and having skimmed hundreds of messages, I know my expectations for serious help are not unrealistic. ...."

Gray Arrow " Nice to see your mail. Please advise along with your telephone number. I will call some time...."

Gray Arrow " Thanks to you...Gratefully yours...."

Gray Arrow " How can I thank you enough ! Well Thanks a lot for taking the time to help out. It did in fact pacify my mind and gave me confidence. Thanks."

Gray Arrow " Your Reply from last mail is right that - The Bottom line is money and big money... "

Gray Arrow " I appreciate your modest way of disagreement !... "

Gray Arrow " This seems to be a good solution.... "

Gray Arrow " Thank you for your response. It is very much appreciated.... "

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