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ERP is just the beginning... What lies Beyond ?

EAI - Enterprise Application Integration

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Down Arrow EAI - Enterprise Application Integration - The Connectivity for Integrating the Information of an Enterprise's Resources such as :

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An ERP Software is only the starting point of a 21st Century Organization's Modern IT Infrastructure Investments.

Within and beyond ERP lie many levels of integration, commonly referred to as EAI - Enterprise Application Integration.

EAI will remain a key focus area for business managers and software technologists in both small and large organizations.

This is for the following reasons :

Gray Arrow Usage of a mix of open source and closed source software systems which will need to be integrated to offer simplistic views of the business information layered on top of the immense complexities in their internal storage.

Down Arrow Cloud Integration Services

Gray Arrow Cloud Integration would be one of the most signficant challenges facing organizations in the near future.

Although the cloud has transformed the IT capital expenditure to operating expenses, it does introduce additional layers of complexity for applications and data integration.

Organizations will need to integrate data between cloud and on-premise applications so as to understand the same on a holistic basis.

e.g. An E-Commerce website will need to integrate data on a real time basis from different cloud based web services in different functional areas such as payment gateway providers, order fulfillment agencies and customer service interactions.

This would be essential to provide an integrated 360 Degree view of the customer transactions and relationship metrics on an end to end basis.

In addition to integration complexities, the cloud also introduces billing complexities, especially for organizations that need to track usage of various cloud services by their users in different departments, cost centres and locations.

Kaytek can help you build such integrated solutions that can help your internal applications talk to and exchange data with cloud based applications.

Gray Arrow Large Organizations have investments both in Microsoft's .NET and SUN J2EE platforms.

These need to be integrated meaningfully.

Gray Arrow Most organizations are using solutions based on Microsoft's Office Productivity Suites (or similar Open Source alternatives such as Open Office) in addition to their custom build solutions.

These need to be integrated.

In fact, Microsoft has started positioning it's Office Suite of Applications as Front Ends for Enterprise Systems.(e.g. Integrating MS Office with SAP via the Duet solution.)

This trend will further accelerate and continue.

Gray Arrow Even SAAS (Software As A Service) solutions which usually cater to a narrow well-defined application niche will need to be integrated at the end-user level.

Gray Arrow Web 2.0 and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) business and technical requirements are becoming increasingly critical at the integration level.

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Down Arrow Open Source or Closed Source Integration Options (13th November 2008 )

Independent Software Developers or Enterprise IT departments building customized integration solutions have multiple choices today in terms of the possible Integration Options available.

There has been an explosive rise of Open Source Integration Solutions in the marketplace.

Some of these software suites are truly exceptional in terms of functionality and scope.

They also promise to use contemporary SOA approaches in their execution.

There are also Integration As A Service Options being made available.

At the same time, ERP and other Closed Source Vendors are building additional integration capabilities within their products.

As always, vendor / technology comfort & cost (both initial and recurring) should be an important parameter in decision making.

Down Arrow Software Integration Perspectives

Gray Arrow Understanding The ONION-NET Layers of an Organization's Information Infrastructure will help in any Application Integration project.

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