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What is the future of Software ?

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Down Arrow Shift from Applications To Process

Gray Arrow Insight - Some people have suggested a shift in the software industry from an application orientation to that of a business process.

In the context of Internet enabled Cloud Computing Infrastructure spread over the globe horizontal networked fashion, this might make sense.

Future Software Applications will need to be responsive on an ideally real-time basis to business process changes.

There is no shift.

Applications will continue to exist, so will processes.

Both need and have their respective orientations, technical & non-technical.

However, there will be tighter software application and process coupling as suggested by Microsoft's proposed 3-4-5 strategy (a Kaytek term) for unification of their various ERP packages.

Down Arrow The future of Software is in the following areas :

Down Arrow Model Driven Development (2nd January 2009).

Microsoft has recently released community preview versions of their OSLO Platform which is an important development for future software development efforts.

Model Driven Development seeks to reduce the gap or knowledge loss between the different stages (Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation & Support) of a software development process.

This is done via a seamless approach of transferring knowledge using abstraction, models & automation at vrious stages between the business and technical people involved in the software development process.

OSLO currently has 3 main components - A Visual Design Tool - Quadrant enabling creation of business process diagrams, A Text Based Modelling Language M for creation of models and SQL Server Database - the OSLO Repository that stores the created models as SQL Server Schema Objects.

Even though currently, M is tightly coupled to SQL Server 2008, it is expected that Microsoft's future strategic goal would be Database Independence (not just generation of SQL statements for SQL Server but also for Oracle, DB2, mySQL, SQLite, etc).

Making OSLO Agnostic to Database technologies would help in it's adoption within non-Microsoft IT development / operational environments also.

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Gray Arrow Software For Devices - Mobile Phones, Blackberry, PDA, Hand-held, PalmTops, not only for Desktop PC's.

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