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" How to Minimize Software Project Risks ? "

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Down Arrow Why do Software Projects Fail ?

Ideally every software project should have the best quality, fastest development time and least cost. In real life, the same will not happen every time.

There are many reasons as to why a final product cannot be delivered to a customer or when delivered, the final product may not be as per customer expectations.

This happens usually when requirements and expectations are not properly understood by both the client and the developer.

Also, changing requirements over a time period have to be properly managed.

Down Arrow Usually there are 3 common Broad problem Areas in a software project :

Gray Arrow Functionality Issues - When the software's functionality does not meet the customer requirements.

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Gray Arrow Technology Issues - When the technologies used for the software project are not appropriate for the customer requirements.

Gray Arrow Individual People Issues - When the people who had originally designed and developed the project are not available and the enhancements and maintenance has to be done by somebody else with inadequate knowledge or documentation about the project.

Every software project faces ALL the above 3 issues. However, success depends on how the software development team and the customer jointly work together to minimise all the above issues.

Gray Arrow How does Kaytek Address Software Projects Risks ?

Gray Arrow How to Minimise Risks ?

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