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Down Arrow AJAX - The Acronym AJAX stands for 'Asynchronous Javascript & XML' with the following 5 technology pieces :

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Web client presentation standards such as XHTML - EXtensible Hypertext Markup Language and CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - A Web Presentation Definition Language.

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Document Object Model - DOM for dynamic display and interaction.

Gray Arrow 3.0 - XML eXtensible Markup Language and XSLT - EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations for exchanging and manipulating data.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - XMLHttpRequest - An API - Application Programming Interface used by JavaScript and other web browser scripting languages. It is used to transfer XML and other text data to and from a web server using HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol , by establishing an independent communication channel between a web page's Client Side and Server Side for Synchronous data retrieval.

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Client Side Scripting Language - JavaScript used for integrating all the above elements.

Down Arrow AJAX (cont)

AJAX Examples can be viewed here.

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing - There are various definitions of Cloud Computing. The simplest way to understand the same would be to describe it as an approach by which one could use flexible computing resources (calculations, storage, messaging) on the Internet as services accessible via the Web protocols. Flexibility would be via both scope (of operating systems, databases, programming environments) as well as via scalability with high web traffic & volumes.

Gray Arrow Flex - A way to develop Flash (an Adobe standard for creating rich Web content) applications by programming. It includes MXML ( a declarative XML language) for laying out user interfaces, and a programming language called ActionScript, a superset of ECMAScript (standardized JavaScript).

Gray Arrow SOA - The Acronym SOA in the Software World stands for 'Service Oriented Architecture'.

It is a vendor-independent generic term used for enterprise information systems architectures that are based on designing and deploying web services (using technologies such as

Gray Arrow XML - eXtensible Markup Language

Gray Arrow WSDL - Web Services Description Language and

Gray Arrow UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration and

Gray Arrow SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) - An XML based protocol for exchanging information between computers.

Gray Arrow Recent expert thinking indicates that SOA has to be viewed not just in terms of a technical orientation such as web services and the other terms mentioned above, but more as a business driven IT architectural alignment.

Down Arrow ESA - European Space Agency - Software Development Methodology.

Gray Arrow ESA - In the broader software world, ESA stands for European Space Agency.

For more information on ESA's software development methodology used by Kaytek for our software projects, click here.

Down Arrow SAP - Specific

Gray Arrow SAP - Systems, Applications, Products started off with A Product called as System R (subsequently renamed R/1).

It then came out with an IBM Mainframe Version called as R/2 which still runs in many large organizations today.

SAP R/2 was followed by SAP R/3, SAP's ERP solution for the Client Server Hardware Platforms.

Gray Arrow ABAP/4 - Advanced Business Application Programming Fourth-Generation Language or 4GL is SAP's Core Programming Language.

Gray Arrow ASAP - Accelerated SAP, SAP's suggested methodology for accelerated implementation.

Gray Arrow BASIS - SAP's Toolset for it's Operations and Administration.

In the ERP world, ESA is SAP's acronym for Enterprise Services Architecture. It is their framework for deploying Web Services using Netweaver in the enterprise for complete application integration, connectivity and more.

ESA is SAP's instantiation of a SOA.

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