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What's Within A Software Application ?

Three Generic Software Logical Layers

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT Consulting Perspectives

The visual demonstrates the three generic hierarchical internal layers within any software.

Visualise A Software Application (Whether Standard or Custom-Built) to be made up of three Logical layers as a three storey / floor structure.

Down Arrow User Interface (Front-End) Layer at the Top.

This is the layer by which a Software user Interacts with the Application.

Hence called as the User Interface Layer or the Front-End (as it is what the software shows right upfront).

It demonstrates the 'look and feel' of the software.

e.g. the appearance of a Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) Software like MS Excel differs from a Website.

Down Arrow Generic Software Logical Layers

Logical Software Layers of Front End User Interface Middleware Back End Database Storage Layer

Gray Arrow Software Layers Within The IT Box

Similarly, the Look and Feel of software running on a Mobile Device like Nokia or a Palm Top or a Blackberry would be different from that running on a Desktop or Laptop PC.

Down Arrow A Middle Layer

Between the Top User Interface Layer and the Bottom Storage Layer.

It is responsible for exchanging data between the Front-End User Interface and the Back-End Storage Layers.

Down Arrow Storage (Back-End) Layer at the Bottom of the earlier two layers.

As A Foundation On The Ground Floor.

To Store the Data in any Software Application.

Either as Database Tables or as Flat Files or other Storage Structures.

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