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Software Project's Strategic Objectives

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Gray Arrow The most important external objective is to ensure maxiumum ROI (Return on Investment) to the customer. The internal objective is to deliver a High Number of Function Points per Software Developer.

Function Points are a Globally recognised Technology-Independent Software Metric that measure the Complexity of A Software.

Function Point Calculations are based on the Number of Inputs, Outputs, Files, Interfaces and other Complexity Adjustments of a Software System.

Use Case Points estimates can also be used independently for Estimating the Complexity of Software Projects.

Further, Gustav Karner's estimation technique as described in the Rational Unified Process entails a Use Case Point method based on Function Point Analysis (FPA).

Every customer organization is convinced that their business is unique and outsiders cannot understand it easily.

Our standard answer to that is that different business vertical specialities are like the branches of a tree.

What we have humbly learnt is that business problems and their solutions are generic across industries, functions and technology segments.

Good software works at the generic level, the roots of the business tree or at the foundation of the business forest made up of different business trees.

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