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Mentoring & Consulting Program for

Experienced Professionals Seeking To Shift

to Information Technology (IT) Software field

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Remote Mentoring & Advisory Services

Down Arrow Remote Mentoring & Consulting Program for Experienced
Professionals wanting to enter the IT Software Industry

Based on our earlier experience and valued feedback received from various Professionals during our online interactions, Kaytek offers personalized mentoring and consulting services to Experienced Professionals seeking shift to the Information Technology (IT) industry under the remote delivery mode.

Our remote mentoring & consulting program is designed to help senior industry professionals have their business & technical skills evaluated on an independent professional basis to judge their suitability for the global IT market.

It is based on a series of consulting interactions between the candidate and the person on an ongoing basis to understand possible gaps in a person's current skillsets with reference to his / her future aspirations.

We have successfully mentored executives at all levels from junior people to very senior people (Director Level upwards) across different industry verticals & geographies. The current (Beta - subject to change) Terms and Conditions for the same are as follows :

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Kindly go through all the pages of our internship section of our website to understand the general terms and conditions.

Gray Arrow 2.0 - It is assumed that you have a PC connected to the Internet.

Gray Arrow 3.0 - You shall pay a non refundable mentoring retainer fee to Kaytek prior to the start of the Program.

This retainer fee will be based on an estimated number of support hours that you would require from us for the training program based on our experience and understanding.

The actual support hours and the subsequent fees may change based on our training experience with you without assigning any reason whatsover at our professional prerogative.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - Once we receive the same, we shall based on your resume and your target software training outcome (e.g. SAP Financial / Costing Module, Object Oriented Analysis, Java Program Naming Conventions, etc ) work out a customized mentoring and training plan for you.

The same will be presented to you & discussed in detail after seeking additional information from you based on your current skillsets, experience & future potential.

Gray Arrow 5.0 - For all committments from our side, there will be guaranteed turnaround times for deliverables from our side on an ongoing basis backed by specific SLA's (Service Level Agreements).

We expect the same from your side to ensure maximum success of the program.

Gray Arrow 6.0 - You will have to spend sufficient amount of regular study and work time on a regular basis.

Gray Arrow 7.0 - Kaytek will suggest to you the materials (Books, Website Resources, etc) that will be required for your study program.

Gray Arrow 8.0 - Kaytek does not guarantee any job in the IT Field based on our personalized mentoring program.

What we do assure is that your practical IT Knowledge & confidence in various cutting edge software technology areas will increase tremendously as compared to your peers.

Based on our mentoring & advisory experiences with executives all over the world, we can guarantee multiple factor enhancements in your IT knowledge & capabilities.

This would definitely be of help in your current job and future IT career anywhere in the world.

Do take time to check out some of the testimonials received from people's satisfying experiences with us.

Gray Arrow 9.0 - All Proprietary Kaytek Materials including the customised mentoring plan and other documents or deliverables will be confidential between you and Kaytek once the same is started. The same cannot be shared with others.

Gray Arrow 10.0 - Kaytek will award a Certificate based on the actual program successfully completed.

In case you need further details of earlier remote mentoring experiences, let us know using the link at the bottom of the page.

We shall then provide further details of the same.

Gray Arrow 11.0 - Our Consulting Charges for the Remote Mentoring Program will be decided on a case to case basis depending on the existing skillsets, experience, background of the candidate and desired training outcome.

Gray Arrow For more information, Kindly email us with your Resume as per our suggested guidelines. In case you have any queries, clarifications or suggestions, kindly email us using the link at the bottom of the page.

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