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Important Factors to be considered for

A SAP Career Switch

SAP Usage within the Industry

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Gray Arrow Industry Usage - Your decision to pursue a functional career would make sense if you know of other companies in your industry using SAP or planning to use in the future.

Even if organizations are not currently using SAP, if their business is growing fast and if SAP has a solution for their business segment, there is a good chance that they may adopt SAP in the future.

If you are planning to work in a business or industry sector which can possibly have high SAP penetration rates in the future, perhaps your move would be right.

Try to look at business or industry sectors where global multi-national competition exists.

Such sectors are more amenable to adopting leading first tier ERP solutions.

In these sectors, the possibility of global competition and scaleability issues force their organizations to invest in contemporary enterprise software solutions such as SAP.

This would obviously mean more SAP jobs in these industry sectors.

Examples of SAP Careers for sectors in India are here.

SAP has got specialised industry vertical solutions.

It makes sense to focus one's career on these industry verticals, depending on SAP's penetration and market share within these verticals.

If one has a banking background, just doing a SAP course may not help rebuild a career. One has to understand and extract the relevant functional and technical elements from the current banking background to be mapped with suitable additional training to enhance future career utility for a prospective employer. It might not even make sense to look at SAP only, but also at other ERP majors strong in the banking and financial services segment.

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e.g. if an interior designer wishes to switch to SAP, then after doing the SAP certification course, that person should be able to get a work opportunity in a SAP using / implementing organization or also the construction or the architectural or interior decoration segments to be able to leverage past experience successfully.

Experience on A Related Module like SAP PS (Project System) would also be useful to building relevant skillsets (combining earlier architectural & interior decoration project experiences).

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