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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

ERP Resources for CKO's - Chief Knowledge Officers.

Without Jargon and Jitters !

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Knowledge is the Strategic Invisible Resource For Any organization.

Timely Access to Quality Relevant Knowledge is difficult to measure & quantify.

However, the absence of Knowledge resulting in operational errors, mis-judgements and other mishaps is a constant reminder of it's importance.

An ERP System acts as the Foundational Backbone and Centralized Store of Structured Business Knowledge in an organization.

Concerning an organization's Information via Messages as regards it's transactions involving the exchange of Materials, Money, Methods within it's boundaries and the external world.

It's different integrated modules (e.g. CRM, SCM, BI, etc) facilitates the task of knowledge sharing that is the responsibility of an organization's CKO.

As the ERP Infrastructure becomes stronger and stronger, the possibility of seamless sharing of knowledge within the organization should also increase.

However, a lot of data, information or knowledge lies outside the ERP system.

This could either be

Gray Arrow undocumented in people's heads and minds or / and

Gray Arrow if documented, lying either in manual form or / and

Gray Arrow if documented and digitized outside the boundaries of the ERP software in documents of different formats - Worksheets, PDF files, etc.

EAI - Enterprise Application Integration has attempted to help connect different ERP and non-ERP systems for enhanced knowledge sharing.

But, for CKO's, effective Knowledge Sharing continues to remain a challenge inspite of ERP and other solutions.

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