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ERP Resources for Entrepreneurs and C-Level Executives

CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, CTO's, CKO's & COO's.

ERP without Jargon and Jitters !

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Internet Based ERP Systems increase the risks to Information Security. Also, interfacing between Web Based Online Systems and those within the organizational firewall leads to increasing levels of complexity. In a global flat world, this integration investment is an imperative. ( 13th October 2008)

ERP systems help steer your organization as per your vision.

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You may kindly browse through the different functional sections for C-Level Executives for learning more about ERP.

Gray Arrow Tip - Proper Knowledge and understanding of Accounts, Finance, Costing is the most important piece of Skillset lacking in many entrepreneurs, specially those with a technical (non-commercial) background. ERP Systems can help overcome this skill deficiency.

Down Arrow SAP-Specific

Gray Arrow Thoughts for small technocrat entrepreneurs considering SAP as a possible career option.

Down Arrow CEO - Chief Executive Officers

The decision is not to whether to go for an ERP system or not but when to invest in the same.

With local and global competition squeezing margins, an ERP system could help address the 3 Key Organizational Issues of

Gray Arrow Kaytek Raise Revenues Raising Revenues.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Cut CostsCutting Costs.

Gray Arrow Kaytek Satisfy Stakeholders Satisfying Stakeholders.

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Down Arrow Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Technology Officers (CTO)

There are many technology and implementation choices to be made for an ERP system.

How to get IT right the first time ? With minimum risk ?

Open Source ERP - Risks & Returns Square Separator ERP Proposals must be complete...

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Down Arrow CFO - Chief Financial Officers

In current times of scarce money availability & tight global liquidity, tightly control every dollar spent on Information Technology & ERP.

Monitor your ERP Investments very carefully to minimise it's disappearance into the drain !!

Can you measure the Return on Investment (ROI) on your ERP and other Information Technology Projects ?

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Down Arrow CKO - Chief Knowledge Officers

Where does organizational and technology knowledge go during an ERP implementation project ?

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Down Arrow COO - Chief Outsourcing Officers

Gray Arrow Thoughts For Multinationals Offering Remote SAP Shared Services To Their Group Organizations worldwide....

Help your organization focus on it's core competencies. Can you outsource ERP ? Can you afford not to ?

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