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ERP Selection Parameters

Brief Checklist of Points

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Down Arrow A Suggested (Partial) List of Technical factors for the selection of an ERP Software are as follows :

Gray Arrow Scope of the ERP Software's Functionality for the organizational current and future requirements - Types of Master Entities, Transactions, Documents, Reports and Utilities.

Gray Arrow Degree Of Customization of the ERP Modules - whether the Standard Modules can be used as they are or they need to be Customised for the organization.

Gray Arrow Optimization - Whether the ERP Solution's specific Version being offered has been optimised by the ERP Vendor to the Platform (Hardware, Operating System, Database Combination).

Gray Arrow Ruggedness - Whether the ERP Solution's specific Version has been stable and defect-free based on testing and debugging being being done at earlier customer installations.

Gray Arrow User Feedback - Whether multiple references of ERP System's Customer Installations (preferably in the same industry) have been cross-checked and verified independently for the same version of the ERP software.

Gray Arrow Business Volumes - Whether the Organization's Volume Load (for Masters, Transactions, Reports and Utilities) at Normal and Peak Volumes and projected for future organizational growth can be realistically handled by the ERP software.

Gray Arrow Response Times - Whether the ERP Software's Response Time for different modules has been checked ?

Tip ! 'Trust but Verify'

This old adage still holds true, especially to validate claims made by ERP Vendors.

The time taken by the ERP System to handle periodic activities on a Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Basis needs to be checked against the Peak Load Volumes. In case the ERP vendor offers independent verifiable benchmarks, the same should aslo be examined.

To Be Continued....

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