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Down Arrow ERP Proposals must be complete ( 29th October 2007)

Global Business Organizations are becoming increasingly customer driven and regulator governed. The IT platform has to be a foundational enabler to the organizations's business goals.

There are primarily two Enterprise software layers that are crucial.

First, the horizontal generic business applications (.e.g an ERP like Oracle Apps) that are standard for the industry and may not need extensive customization.

The next key components of the Software Stack are the Industry Vertical specific global applications that would be implemented on top of the standard business ERP or similar applications.

CIO's & CTO's must ensure that key business requirements along with clients & global regulators specific project requirements are adhered to by the ERP solution.

In an ERP project, the following pieces of information always help arrive at a comprehensive holistic picture of the future business value from the proposed IT investments :

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Copy Of the Requirements Study, RFP (Request For Proposal ), IT Strategy & IT Roadmap Documents.

Gray Arrow 2.0 - Target ROI (Return on Investment) figures / assumptions.

Gray Arrow 3.0 - Chosen Vendor wise response to RFP & technical solution requirements.

Gray Arrow 4.0 - Commercial / Technical Details of the Normalized Solution prepared by the organization.

Gray Arrow 5.0 - Commercial / Technical Details (Nos, Value) of All the IT Assets - (Hardware, Software, Module-wise Users, Networks, Training , Implementation deliverables, etc) for the proposed project.

Gray Arrow Weblog - The Twin Mindsets hampering ERP implementations.

Gray Arrow How long will your ERP system live ?

Gray Arrow Brief Customer Studies.

Tip ! Gray Arrow Listen to the vendors but go by your own instinct and judgement.

Gray Arrow Lessons for ERP Vendors from Google ?

Gray Arrow Generic Information Systems Perspectives - Independent of Technology, Function & Vertical.

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Down Arrow ERP at the Edge Of The Enterprise. ( 8th April 2007)

Gray Arrow ERP Systems have been at the Core of An Enterprise's Integrated Information Infrastructure.

They are rapidly moving outside an organization's physical boundaries in 3 key areas.

First, as organisations evolve from Internet enabled to Internet driven strategies, ERP systems have to enhance their functionality to be the foundation for next generation Rich Internet Applications - RIA using technologies like AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript & XML) & Adobe Flex serving the organization's Web customers.

Second, with the help of EAI - Enterprise Application Integration, ERP Systems also have to expose their functionality to the outside world via Web Services.

As Organizations get increasingly connected via the Net, ERP driven web services on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) foundation are the next wave.

Third, Mobile Device Access is also becoming fundamentally important to ERP Applications.

To drive people productivity and enhance efficiencies across the organization's supply chain.

All of these are reshaping the next generation ERP software architecture.

Down Arrow Are they true for your ERP Project ?

Gray Arrow Every software project has performance metrics that are pervasive. They increase the challenge of managing projects. Read above Software Project Management's Pervasive Percentages.

Down Arrow Selecting An ERP ?

Gray Arrow Brief Checklist of Technical Factors for ERP selection.

Gray Arrow Tried an ERP Shoot-Out ?

Gray Arrow Evaluation of ERP Products.

Down Arrow SAP-Specific

Brief Overview of Points to consider before a SAP implementation project.

As per SAP, the CIO is obsolete. The CPO (Chief Process Officer) will be the key organizational IT person in the future.

Gray Arrow Which SAP to choose ?

Down Arrow For different types of Organizations

Square Separator Small Enterprises Square Separator Medium Sized Organizations Square Separator Large Corporates Square Separator Specific Vertical Segments Square Separator All Companies

(Kindly note that the definitions of smal, medium, large are not standardized and vary from country to country.)

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Square Separator ACCPAC Square Separator Microsoft Square Separator Oracle Square Separator

Down Arrow Open Source ERP ?

Down Arrow Open Source ERP - Risks & Returns

Many Organizations are seriously looking at Open Source ERP solutions. The biggest risks in adopting Open Source ERP software seem to be the scope & reliability of the software as well as financial stability of the solution provider. Organizations do not want to base their information infrastructure foundation on a solution that will neither be complete nor be supported in the future. On the other hand, open source ERP solutions will increasingly begin to offer extremely attractive ROI (Return On Investment) calculations as well as the promise of customization flexibility in implementation. ( 27th November 2007)

Down Arrow Developing an Open Source ERP is not as simple as developing an Open Source ERP System

LINUX'S success as an open source strategy does not necessarily mean that open source ERP solutions would also be successful (with all due respects to the Open Source communities).

Requirements of operating systems like LINUX are perhaps easier to conceptualise and communicate in an open source development mode than ERP solutions (who need both technical as well as business inputs and have non-linear scaleable requirements).

It is easier for an open source LINUX contributor to probably code and test a component working in an individual capacity than apply the same development strategy for an open source ERP solution.

The quality of knowledgeable users is also important. Are there business and technology smart users using open source ERP solutions ? Maybe Yes. Maybe No.


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