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My Earlier Business Strategies are not working.

How is the Internet Impacting me ?

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Your Organization's Business Strategy and Technology Strategy across the above Web Based has to be consistently integrated for offering a better experience to all your stakeholders that interact with your organization on an operational basis.

We have developed proprietary frameworks, business templates which using open source software technologies, we can help you strike the right balance between your organization's business strategy and Information Technology / Internet / Web Strategy.

The Internet / Web Software Facilities of an Organization consists of Intranets, Extranets, Websites and Portals.

Access to these is from web visitors all over the globe either via Personal Computer's (PC's) or via Mobile Devices.

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Kaytek Visual depicting the World

Kaytek Visual depicting Web Access via PC and Mobile

Internet/Web Based Facilities - Portals, Websites, Extranets and Intranets

Since the past few years, thanks to the Internet facilitated Global Data & Voice Communication, the world economy has globalized drastically.

Many Individuals and Organizations have suddenly found that they are not only competing in their geography against their local peers but also facing global competition from low cost economies in other geographies.

New innovative strategies are needed at the personal and organizational level to tackle these survival and growth challenges.

Some perspectives are presented on this page to help understand the Impact of the Internet on current work activities and how one can leverage the Web to grow in the years ahead.

Down Arrow Strategic Perspectives

Gray Arrow For our perspective on a Layered Design Architecture of Intranets, Extranets and Websites, you may read " The ONION-NET Layers of An Organization ".

Gray Arrow "I am EXCITED." The EXCITE Strategy - E - Enhancing, X - EXtending, Computing I - Infrastructure T - Towards E - E-Commerce.

Down Arrow The Smiling Curve

Down Arrow The Middle Man Is Dead.... Long Live The Middle Man

Gray Arrow Acer's Stan Shih's 'Smiling Curve' Model For Value-Addition In The Internet Age...

Gray Arrow The Smiling Curve Revisited... For Individuals and Companies... - " Good Friday ! "

Gray Arrow Google And The 'Smiling Curve' on the Globe...

Down Arrow Key Learning from Google's "No Middlemen" Strategy...

Gray Arrow Giant's Omni-Presence Over The Globe...

Gray Arrow Perspectives For Management.

Gray Arrow Our Web / Internet Consulting & Software Services.

Down Arrow Strategic Thoughts in the Internet Age

Gray Arrow An Alphabetical Listing (A to Z) Of a few managment and technology trends important for cyber offices and cyber organisations of the 21st Century - Are You Ready for The 21st Century Cyber-Office ?

Gray Arrow Currency Movements & Globalization - " What happens to your company if 1 US Dollar $ = 1 Indian Rupee ? "

Down Arrow Impact Of Offshore Outsourcing - Can History Teach Us Something ?...

Gray Arrow " Where will it finally end ? "

Down Arrow The Internet has made us 'Glocal'... - Gray Arrow " Blog As A (Broken?) Bridge. "

Down Arrow Musings (Thoughts & Insights)

Down Arrow How Information Technology (IT) is flowing through the Gigantic Internet Pipe across the Globe...

Gray Arrow Planet's Pervasive Pipe...


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