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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Industry / Business Segment - Financial Services

Stock Broking / Investment - Micro Finance

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek IT Software Experiences

Gray Arrow European Banking / Financial Services / Mutual Fund Industry Leaders Portals Study & Research Of Technologies.

Gray Arrow Strategic Advisory Services and Computerisation Feasibility study of A Large Multinational European Bank's Global Mutual Fund Retail Operations. Development Of Country Specific Prototype Website For Global Mutual Fund Industry Leader.

Gray Arrow Intranet Application For Tracking Mutual Fund Scheme Investments & Computing Yields ( Based on Direct Download Of Data from Mutual Fund Assocation Website).

Gray Arrow Detailed IPO (Initial Public Offer) Analysis.

Gray Arrow Stock Market - Share Price - Analytics - Kaytek has recently created a
prototype for viewing a company's share price data and basic charting information samples.

It uses Adobe Flex Technology (Flash 9 Player Required) and is based on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) / NSE (National Stock Exchange) Share Price Data incorporating all the data elements from 3 popular investment websites.The following information is displayed :

Gray Arrow Company Data - Key Information

Gray Arrow BSE / NSE Share Price Data - Multiple Views - Fixed Tab & Resizable Boxes

Gray Arrow Share Price Charts - Daily Data, HLOC (High, Low, Opening Close) Chart, Candle Stick Chart, Number Of Shares / Trades - Line Charts, Monthly & Yearly HLOC Charts.

Gray Arrow Listing Of Top Ranking Open & Close Ended Mutual Fund Schemes In India.

Gray Arrow Analysis Of the Reporting of a Stock Market Portfolio Management Scheme (PMS).

Gray Arrow Design and Development of Portfolio Management Software, Spreadsheet templates for Individual Stock Market Investors.

Gray Arrow Investment Research Institution - Menu-Driven Spreadsheet Macro Based Model.

Gray Arrow Individual Portfolio Management Web Access Services using Open Source mySql Database and programming technologies.

Gray Arrow Study Of Open Source Technologies Used By Global Financial Services Industry Leaders.

Gray Arrow Open Source Programs using XML (Extensible Markup Language) for accessing & downloading data from a Public Sector Bank's Internet Banking Services & integration with internal financial accounting software.

Gray Arrow Legal Case Management System Study for a Central Regulatory Bank's Legal Department.

Gray Arrow Term Insurance Policies - Net Present Value Computation of Various Options.

Gray Arrow Concept Viewpoint - Mobile Device Based Knowledge Repositories for Microfinance Sector.

Gray Arrow Multi-National Investment Bank - Detailed User Requirements Study of Proposed Website for Loan Syndication Operations for Indian Corporates.

Gray Arrow Multi-National Bank - Credit Card Division - Detailed User Requirements Study of Proposed System for recording of Customer Complaints.

Gray Arrow Multi-National Financial Investment Organization - Detailed User Requirements Study of Proposed System for a model encompassing a complete overview of the Indian economy with specific sectors (industry, agricultural, services) and corelation of the same to Capital and Stock markets.

Gray Arrow Specialized Financial Investment Services Organization for Non-Resident Indians (NRI's) - Complete Turnkey Systems development in the areas of Spreadsheet Models for Financial Leasing Analysis, Project Data Bank and Loan Software, Portfolio Management, Odd Lot Shares Data Bank and others.

Gray Arrow Individual Investment Research and Analysis - Creation of various Financial Models for Internal Rate of Return (IRR), NPV (Net Present Value) Computation for Different Risk / Return Scenarios for Business and Personal Decision making.

Gray Arrow Merchant Banking Limited Company - Design, Development, Implementation of Accounting Systems.

Gray Arrow Creation Of Proprietary Consumption / Investment Models for personal / institutional decision making.

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