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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Indian Urban Infrastructure Challenges

Mumbai's Civic Issues and Problems

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Gray Arrow New ! Covid-19 - Kaytek Founder Director Mr Mahesh Khatri was a mentor to various startup entrepreneurs who were developing solutions in different verticals & domains for Code19 - a hackathon against Covid-19. Also, a Covid-19 Doctor's Whatsapp group has been organized for sharing of contemporary best healthcare practicesto fight Corona Virus / Covid-19 with practical experiences of top doctors globally. For more details, please contact us here. (3rd May 2020).

As India's commercial and finance capital, Mumbai City has seen tremendous amount of growth during the last few years.

Unfortunately, the demands on Mumbai's civic infrastructure have not kept pace with this growth and it's citizen's expectations and aspirations of a world class Mumbai metropolis.

As part of personal civic community efforts, Kaytek's Consulting Director has had some personal experiences in working on an honorary basis with local citizens, NGO's (Non-Governmental Bodies) and citizen communities who trying to tackle Mumbai's multiple civic infastructure issues and problems.

Some of our experiences,thoughts and resources on how to help Mumbai evolve into a decent liveable efficiently managed city are published in this section.

Down Arrow Importance of MCGM & Associated Civic Groups

Gray Arrow As one of India's richest Municipal Bodies, MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) has a large annual expenditure budget with a healthy annual growth.

In stark contrast, the compensation paid to municipal corporators in Mumbai is a pittance.

This is one of the possible causes of large scale corruption leading to a poor quality of infrastructure in Mumbai.

Can Mumbai's Citizens fund their Corporator's expenses ? This would reduce their motivation to fund personal and party coffers with illegal public funds. This suggestion caused a lot of debate amongst citizen groups. (12th May 2007)

Gray Arrow Importance of BMC / MCGM Ward Committees in Mumbai. (7th May 2007)

Down Arrow Citizen ToolKit & Tips

Gray Arrow Mumbai Juhu Beach Garbage - Mahesh Khatri's Linkedin post. (11th September 2018)

Gray Arrow Who is the true hero (or heroine) in a democratic election process ? (8th February 2007)

Gray Arrow For Maharashtra (including Mumbai) citizens only - How to check your name in the electoral voting records. (7th February 2007)

Down Arrow A Community Website Can Make A Difference in Local Elections

Gray Arrow Mumbai JVPD (Juhu Vile Parle Development Scheme) North West ALM (Advanced Locality Management) was set up to effectively tackle the problems being faced by the citizens as regards the civic facilities. It was a useful interface between citizens, political parties and municipal agencies. (31st January 2007)

Gray Arrow India - Development Perspectives.

Down Arrow Mumbai as The target of Terrorist Attacks

Down Arrow Why was Mumbai attacked on 26th November 2008 ? - Some possible pointers on recent events demonstrating India's growing clout that may be causing disquiet in nearby and not so nearby countries.

Gray Arrow The Indo-US nuclear civil agreement.

Gray Arrow India's successful mission to the moon.

Gray Arrow Global meltdown in the West and the IMF projection that India will be the 2nd fastest growing global economy in 2009.

Gray Arrow Indian Navy flexing it's muscles in anti-pirate action in the Arabian Sea.

Gray Arrow Successful Participation of a large section of the local population in the first two stages of elections in Kashmir defying separatist calls for the election boycott.

Gray Arrow Weblog - We have met the enemy and he is us... (12th July 2006) (Immediately after Mumbai's 7/11 Suburban Train Bomb Blasts).

Down Arrow Suggestions To Improve functioning of ALM's (Advanced Locality Management) in Mumbai

Gray Arrow Part-1 Square Separator Part-2 Square Separator Part-3 Square Separator

Down Arrow Possible Causes of Flooding in Mumbai

Gray Arrow Effect of Global Warming On Mumbai in the future ? (23rd April 2007)

Gray Arrow Points raised by eminent citizens at a public forum on the causes and possible future remedial measures of the disaster due to the 26th July 2005 flooding in Mumbai.

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