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Are Technical Skills a must

for Software Project Management ?

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Down Arrow Is Technological Knowledge required for Software Project Management ?

Some Software Project Managers feel that technical software knowledge is not a must for managing projects.

They believe that good human relations skills are sufficient to handle any project complexity without getting too involved in the technical trenches.

Even though technical knowledge may not always be required, beyond a certain level, it definitely is a must if one has to earn the respect of one's peers & other project stakeholders. Consider these two examples from extremely reputed global software services organizations :

Gray Arrow In one case, 'technically inexperienced' project managers prepare software project estimates that have been way off the actuals by more than multiple orders of magnitude.

Gray Arrow In another organization which is also another India's premier software organization, 'technically inexperienced' software project managers have been held hostage to the grossly over-estimates of software project time being given by their technically competent software juniors.

In both the above cases, the project managers' technical incompetence was the topic of discussion of their project colleagues in work conversations around the water cooler.

Also, the individual projects were still profitable for their organizations.

However, in our opinion ; technically knowledgeable software project managers (if available) would have perhaps contributed more to the profitablity of the software project besides it's timely completion on time as well as adhering to the quality parameters.

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